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War & Terrorism


The threat of deprivation of citizenship may prevent citizens of Kazakhstan from entering into terrorist organizations. President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev made such a statement in an interview for local media. According to him, preventive work was carried out with the returnees; however, this yielded no practical results. “That's why it was decided to prevent them from returning home,” Nazarbayev stressed.



According to the recent report of the International Center for Combating Terrorism, the natives of Tajikistan are more likely to become suicide bombers of the Islamic State than people from other countries. As indicated in the document, in the period December 2015 – December 2016, 27 terrorist attacks were carried out in Iraq and Syria by suicide bombers who has arrived from Tajikistan.


Chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov, who is also the head of the republic's Anti-Terrorist Center, canceled the “yellow” level of terrorist threat that had been introduced in the country earlier. Worth recalling, this level was first introduced in Kazakhstan on June 6, 2016, the day after the Aktobe terrorist attack, in which eight people were killed and 23 were injured. The Kazakh security officials managed to kill 18 militants and detained another nine offenders.


In Kazakhstan, the National Security Committee terminated an attempt to finance terrorist activities, as reported by a number of local information publications. According to representatives of the agency, about $15,000 were seized from the 33 members of the religious extremist organization “Al-Takfir wal-Hijra” who had been detained as a result of a special operation. “The purpose and origin of this money is to be found out in the framework of the ongoing investigation of the case,” so reads the response to an official request of a publications.



On November 9, the US Embassy in Tajikistan issued an official message, warning about the threat of terrorist acts occurring in the republic. According to the US diplomatic mission, there is information about possible attempts of terrorist groups to cross the Afghan border; after that they might try to perform a number of attacks in crowded places. Therefore, US citizens have been advised to avoid public transportation if possible.


Since the beginning of 2016, law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan returned more than 150 citizens who had been accused of committing extremist and terrorist crimes. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the news on September 19. It cited the statement of Minister of Internal Affairs Ramazon Rahimzoda, which he had made during an international meeting of participants of the “Kalkan” project under the auspices of Interpol.


The National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced the elimination of three radical groups that operated in Aktobe and West Kazakhstan provinces in the period August 12-30, 2016. As a result of the court sanctions, 10 people were arrested in West Kazakhstan Province, and 11 people in Aktobe Province. According to the press service of the Committee, its employees managed to prevent a number of terrorist attacks in public places, as well as attacks on law enforcement officers.



On August 30, a powerful explosion occurred near the building of the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, which is located in Bishkek. As a result, one person was killed and three people were injured. According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the republic's capital, on August 30, at about 10 am local time (or about 7 pm Moscow time), an unknown person in a car made an attempt to ram the gates of the embassy complex, which resulted in an explosion. The criminal died on the spot; two security guards of the embassy were injured.



On July 18, Almaty witnessed an attempt to attack a police station and the Department of State Security Committee of Kazakhstan. The attackers opened fire, and four people were killed – three police officers and one civilian. According to the initial report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, one of the suspects was detained in hot pursuit. As reported later, his accomplice was also detained by law enforcement officials.



All Kazakh airports have tightened security measures due to introduction of the so-called “yellow-level” terrorist threat. The reason for this step was the attack of extremists on the military unit and weapon shops in the city of Aktobe on Sunday, June 5. Darkhan Katishev, chief state inspector and head of the aviation security department of the Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic, announced this information to the reporters.