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Science & Technology


Iran on Wednesday welcomed a proposal made by European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton to resume talks over the Iranian nuclear program, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The Islamic Republic of Iran principally believes in negotiations based on trust and logic, Ali Baqeri, deputy Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council for international affairs said was quoted as saying.

"If they (EU officials) adopt a clear and logic stand in negotiations, there will be no room for failed approaches," he said without elaborating.


Japan's fast-breeder reactor, Monju, resumed operations Thursday in Fukui prefecture after more than 14 years of suspension due to a sodium coolant leak and a resultant fire.

The prototype fast-breeder reactor in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, restarted at 10:36 a.m. after plant staff pulled out rods that had prevented nuclear reaction, Kyodo News reported.

The reactor, operated by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, is expected to reach criticality, or the point when a nuclear chain reaction becomes self-sustaining, on Saturday, the report said.


Indonesia's largest Chinese-language newspaper International Daily News said Monday that the Shanghai Expo displayed China's boom and the rise of other emerging countries, revealed the great drives and charms of the strides of the human civilization, and expressed the world people's collective pursuit for a better life in cities.

"Better City, Better Life," the theme of the 2010 World Expo, posed a harsh challenge for the development of major cities of emerging economies and also provided a rare opportunity for all industries, the paper said in a commentary.


The White House said on Monday that Iran failed to speak about the obligations that it will not live up to at the ongoing Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference.

"I think the speech that you heard today was predictable in that Iran failed to speak about the obligations that it won't live up to," said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, referring to the speech given by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"I think rightly, our delegation and many others left as a series of wild accusations were made during the speech," he said.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized “freedom and partnership” in a speech at Stanford on Thursday where she called for strong international cooperation on winning the war in Afghanistan, repairing repercussions from the financial meltdown and fighting climate change. It was the only speech Merkel is to give during her visit to the United States this month.

(NORBERT STUHRMANN/The Stanford Daily)


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the depletion of the Aral Sea in Central Asia one of the planets most shocking disasters. “It is clearly one of the worst environmental disasters of the world… It really left with me a profound impression, one of sadness that such a mighty sea has disappeared,” Ban said in a UN News Centre statement after inspecting the area divided between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan from a helicopter.


The head of state, Nursultan Nazarbayev, held working meeting to discuss the questions of liquidation of consequences of spring floods in the Eastern Kazakhstan area, the agency reports citing the president's press service.

The head of state noted that the akims of all regions of the country and the chairs of state structures, which are responsible for anti-flood measures, need to check the condition of all reservoirs, dams, and other hydroconstructions.


Iran has said it will host a nuclear disarmament conference later this month as part of an efforts to ease fears Tehran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

Iranian officials announced the two-day conference, entitled "Nuclear energy for everyone, nuclear arms for no one", on Sunday.

Officials said that 60 countries had been invited to attend the meeting, which will run from April 17-18.

Saeed Jalili, Iran's top nuclear negotiator, said the conference aims to show that Tehran wants to promote nuclear disarmament while encouraging peaceful nuclear energy production.


Technicians at the Russian-leased space center in Kazakhstan hoisted a rocket onto its launch pad ahead of Friday's blastoff of a NASA astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts to the International Space Station.

NASA's Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Russians Alexander Skvortsov and Mikhail Kornienko are to blast off at 10:04 a.m. (0404 GMT) Friday for their six-month mission in the orbiting science lab.

Workers at the craft's storage hangar slid open the gate just before daybreak Wednesday and mounted the Soyuz rocket on a flatbed train for a slow trip to the launch site.


On March 12 by the verdict of Saryarka district court #2 (Astana) Mukhtar Dzhakishev, the former Chief Executive Officer of Kazatomprom national Company, was sentenced to 14 years of jail, Azattyk (Kazakh Service of RFE/RL) reports.

"The representative of Prosecutor General’s Office requested 14 year imprisonment term. The court agreed with the arguments and sentenced Dzhakishev to 14 years of imprisonment at the maximum security penal colony, also disabling him to hold the official positions within 7 years", Nurlan Beysekeyev, the lawyer of the convict, informed journalists.