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Science & Technology


During the process of creation of the material cultural heritage inventory of Uzbekistan, unmanned aerial vehicles are used to make 3D photographs. Head of the main research and production department on the use and protection of cultural material heritage of the Ministry of Sports and Culture of the Republic Shukhrat Zoyirov reported the news to the local media. According to him, it will also help to determine the status of all kinds of ancient buildings and monuments.



On November 18, Almaty hosted the Forum “Innovations and science as the basis for economic development.” The event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan. In its course, there ringed the names of Kazakh scientists who won the award “Leader of Science.” According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the republic, the following indicators were used for evaluating scientific papers: publication activity and citation in three categories, based on the Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) information resources.



In Tajikistan, the Single Data Switching Center has started to work in test mode. It was established under the state telecommunications operator OJSC “Tajiktelecom.” According to experts of the company, the Center will switch to the fully operational mode before the end of 2016, after the new tariffs for the Internet and telecommunications services are approved.


The company “Norbit” (a part of the group “Lanit”) together with the world-famous “SAP” (one of the leaders in the field of enterprise applications) have launched a project to introduce an automated enterprise management system in the retail chain “Mediapark.” After this SAP-ERP-based project is implemented, the number of shops in the chain will double.



The aircraft fleet of the Kazakh airline “Air Astana” now includes a new and modern aircraft “Airbus A320 NEO,” which will be used on flights between the CIS countries and Central Asia. According to the company's press service, the ceremony of acceptance of the new aircraft took place in the French city of Toulouse on November 8. Worth recalling, in 2015 “Air Astana” signed a number of contracts providing for leasing acquisition of 11 “Airbus A320 NEO” aircraft with their subsequent delivery during 2016-2019.



The Kazakh archaeologists who work in the south of the republic have discovered an ancient settlement, which was not known before. According to the local media, the discovery was made as part of the research conducted under the program “People in the Stream of History” developed by the Ministry of Education and Science. The unique discovery was made by the village Madeni in Sairam District, near a large mound, which was named Hankurgan several years ago.



The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan has approved the new “Sanitary norms and rules of design, maintenance and arrangement of houses in the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan,” as reported by the official website of the Ministry. These rules and regulations apply to all buildings located in the territory of the country, being constructed or designed in urban or rural areas.


The Kazakh company LLP “Les” located in East Kazakhstan Province has won a grant in the amount of KZT21.5 million from the National Agency for Technological Development. According to the press-service of the “Baiterek” National Holding, these funds will be used to develop a unique technology of extracting rare metals and gold from raw materials of technogenic and mineral origin. This technology involves the use of industrial microwave systems that create highly saturated energy field.



Kazakhstan has launched the Geoportal for drought monitoring from space. According to the local media, noting that the project is implemented by the data in order to facilitate adaptation to climate changes. On October 24, Almaty hosted a presentation of the pilot version of the Geoportal. According to the announcements, the new project is designed to monitor and analyze the arid processes and drought in the country using the data received from satellite remote sensing of the Earth surface and the use of geographic information systems.



Bishkek has hosted the meeting of representatives of the competent authorities of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in the sphere of the Internet services, as well as providers of the two countries. Its aim was to settle a number of issues related to the joint tariff policy. From the Kyrgyz side, this event was participated by the State Agency for Antimonopoly Regulation under the Government of Kyrgyzstan and the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications. The Republic of Kazakhstan was represented by the Association of the country's telecom operators.