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Public Policy & Politics


The lower house of Kazakhstan's parliament (the Majlis) has approved the first reading of the draft amendments related to the issues of local governments. According to the local media, these amendments will increase the level of financial autonomy of local authorities.


The Turkmen Central Election Commission has completed the registration of candidates for the post of president of the country. As reported by the local media January 18, nine candidates will ultimately compete for the highest office. Worth recalling, the presidential election will be held in Turkmenistan on February 12, 2017.



At present, Tajikistan continues the study of the matter of entering the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). This comprehensive discussion analyzes the pros and cons of the republic's possible accession, including the examples of other countries joining the association. First deputy head of the Customs Service of the Republic Hurshed Karimzoda made this statement during the recent Dushanbe-based press conference.



As of the end of December 2016, the total number of unemployed in Uzbekistan was 729,400 people, which is 5.2 percent of the total number of the economically active population of the republic. As reported by the State Statistics Committee, in 2016, the unemployment rate remained unchanged, while in 2015 their number was 709,400 people. In addition, the official website of the ministry reported that in 2016 the number of people who leaved Uzbekistan totaled 168,800 people, while the number of those who arrived in the country was 141,700 people.



In 2016, the largest in Tajikistan personal pension in the amount of TJS15,000 was paid to nine pensioners; two of them passed away as of early 2017. First deputy director of the Agency of Pensions and Social Security under the Government of the Republic Nazokat Odinazoda reported this information on January 16. She also added, “The size of the minimum pension currently stands at TJS156; the maximum pension is equal to TJS748. The size of a citizen's pension depends on factors such as length of service and the total amount credited.”



A cargo “Boeing 747” crashed on a flight from Hong Kong to Bishkek. It happened near the international airport “Manas,” which is located in the vicinity of the Kyrgyz capital. Head of the Crisis Center under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Mohamed Svarov announced the news to the media on the morning of January 16. According to him, this occurred when the aircraft was coming in for landing, due to bad weather conditions.



This year, another increase in the tariffs for water supply is expected in Tajikistan. Director General of the State Unitary Enterprise “Housing and Communal Services” Alimurod Islomzoda made this statement during the recent Dushanbe-based press conference. He added that the increase will amount to about 10 percent. Worth recalling, in 2016, the water tariffs in the country were increased by 10 percent twice: it occurred on March 1 for the population, commercial and business enterprises, and on July 1 for budgetary organizations.



In the United States, there has been prepared a grant program for students from Tajikistan, as reported by the US embassy in Dushanbe. There has begun the acceptance of applications for grants under the 2017 Democracy Support Program for graduates of the US programs. “The purpose of this program is to award grants to graduates of the US programs or organizations in which they are members for implementation of activities aimed at development of economic reforms and democracy in Tajikistan,” the press release reads.



In 2017, Kazakhstan will witness several important events, which are covered by the media most often. First of all, these include the upcoming World Exhibition “EXPO 2017.” It will be held in the capital city Astana in the period June 10 to September 10. The theme of this international specialized events will be “Energy of the Future.” The exhibition will be largely devoted to development and use of alternative energy sources.



The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan hosted a regular meeting of the Coordination Council on social protection of people with disabilities. It was chaired by Tamara Duysenova, the Minister of the said department. The meeting addressed issues related to ensuring the rights and improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the country, as well as expanding the involvement of people with disabilities in the sports and cultural life of society.