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Medical Science


Kazakhstan may impose restrictions on the free sale of antibiotics, as it was reported to local media in the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic. "In our country, in accordance with the law, drugs that are dispensed upon prescription should not be sold without a prescription. But in reality, everyone in Kazakhstan can buy antibiotics as without a prescription as by prescription. In other words, these drugs are actually available for free sale" – so it was noted in the department, in response to a formal request of one of the national editions.


The contest, which was conducted among the nation's leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, has come to an end in Kazakhstan. According to the results several long-term contracts on long-term supply of drugs for a period of seven years were signed. The co-signatory of these agreements is a single distributor on procurement of medicines LLC "SK-Pharmacy" company.


On Saturday, November 8 Tashkent Extension Course Institute for Medical Practitioners hosted an event dedicated to the Day of Medical Workers of Uzbekistan. This professional holiday of health workers is celebrated in the country annually on the second Sunday of November. During the solemn meeting presentations were made by the Health Minister Anwar Alimov, the Deputy Prime Minister Elmira Basithanova, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture, Education, Science and Sport Mamazair Huzhamberdiev, the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Tanzila Narbaeva, and others.


Sanitary services of Kazakhstan are prepared for the probability of appearance of Ebola patients in the country. The Deputy Head of the Scientific and Practical Center for Sanitary-Epidemiological Monitoring and Examination Alim Aykimbaev announced the news, noting that special rules for action have been approved in the country against the said possibility. “We have taken timely and appropriate actions.


As of the beginning of this year, the average life expectancy of citizens of Kazakhstan was 70.5 years. According to the results of last year, it had increased by about seven months, as the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic Serikbol Musinov reported.


The pharmaceutical sector of Kazakhstan is facing hard times. This statement was made by a Member of Parliament of the republic Tursynbek Omurzakov, who noted that although the pharmaceutical industry in developed countries is one of the fastest growing and profitable sectors of the economy, however, this statement, "unfortunately, does not apply to Kazakhstan.  Here pharmaceutics is developing in the opposite direction".



Special training exercises for combating the cases of Ebola penetration into the country have been held throughout the territory of Kazakhstan. This was announced on Wednesday, October 15, in an interview with the chairman of the Committee on Consumer Protection under the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic Aliakpar Matishev. As he said during a press tour held at the capital's airport, from the beginning of this year over two million people has been examined at the checkpoints on the state border of Kazakhstan.



On Wednesday, October 8, the ceremony of putting into operation a new military hospital, which was with the support of India, was held in Tajikistan. According to the press office of the President, the President Emomali Rahmon took part in this event. The text message also says that the new hospital has three floors and it is designed for 50 beds. The object is located 90 kilometers south of Dushanbe, in Bahtarskom region in the territory of the military unit №07017 of the Ministry of Defense.



The Chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin, who is also the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Protection under the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic, urged citizens not to be light-minded about the flu. "I would like to appeal to our people. You shouldn’t light-minded about the flu, as it can give rise to serious complications in future. And, of course, the cost of its treatment will increase exponentially" - so he said in a briefing held in Astana.



Kazakhstan is planning to introduce procedures for adult vaccination against pneumonia, as it was reported by a number of local media. This proposal was made in the course of a scientific-practical conference "Innovative technologies in respiratory medicine" held in Astana, where medical experts addressed issues related to the prevention of respiratory tract infections. In particular, it was noted that by far the highest incidence in Kazakhstan refers to diseases of the respiratory system.