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Medical Science


Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek hosted a round table discussion on the topic “Achievements of the republic for the survival of young children and the next steps in the development of child health care in Kyrgyzstan.” During the event, there was held the ceremony of awarding the government of the country for having achieved the Millennium Development Goal No.4, namely – reducing child mortality. The award was presented by representative of the UN in Kyrgyzstan Alexander Avanesov, while the Kyrgyz government was represented by its leader, Prime Minister Temir Sariyev.


From 1 January next year, Kazakhstan intends to switch to a new system of remuneration of medical personnel. As a result of the reform it is expected that the salaries of doctors in the country will increase by 28 percent. This was reported on Friday, November 20  in the course of the presentation of the new health program "Densaulyk" for the period of 2016-2019 by the Minister of Social Development and Health of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova, who answered the question of the parliamentarian Sergei Yershov - how the wages health care workers will change next year.


Kazakh outpatient clinics in a few years can be transferred into private hands. The news was reported by the Minister of Social Development and Health Tamara Duysenova during her meeting with members of the upper house of Parliament (the Senate). She also noted that having achieved satisfactory performance an entrepreneur can redeem the clinic in five years. She added that all city clinics and regional centers in the near future may be transferred to businessmen in confidential management.  



The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a new law of the Republic, providing for the introduction of mandatory health social insurance. This document aims to introduce the mandatory health social insurance, which represents a mechanism of joint responsibility of citizens, employers and the state for public and individual health, the introduction of modern market mechanisms in the health care system. Within the framework of the law "On mandatory medical social insurance" the citizens will be provided with three kinds of different packages of medical services.


Permission for transplantation of human organs in the conditions of private medical institutions can be given in Kyrgyzstan. This is written in the text of amendments to the Law “On transplantation of human tissues and (or) organs”, which is now being considered in the third reading in the Parliament of the republic. On Monday, November 16, in the course of a meeting of the parliamentary committee on education, science, social issues, health and culture, the Head of the Ministry of Health Talantbek Batyraliev noted that Kyrgyzstan needed modern transplantation centers.


The Minister of Social Development and Health of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova during her working trip to Almaty informed the residents of this city on the results of the State program "Salamatty Kazakhstan" in the period of 2011-2015. She also spoke about the work of the new state program for 2016-2019 years - "Densaulyk".


In the nearest future Kazakhstan may face a deficit of medicines and drugs, as reported by a number of local media. As it is stated in their reports, Kazakhstani distributors soon may simply not be able to acquire overseas appropriate medicines, which are constantly getting more and more expensive with the growth of the dollar. As noted, this is the prospect of not the distant future, but only a few coming months.



The German government intends to provide financial aid to Uzbekistan with a view to implement modernization programs of multifaceted regional medical centers.


The first dedicated emergency medical service plane, which not only allows to make long flights with accommodation of seriously ill patients on board, but is also equipped for carrying out operations right during the flight, has been delivered in Kazakhstan. The initiator of the acquisition of this machine was the Association of Air Medical Tourism of the Republic, on whose initiative LearGet-45 aircraft was purchased.


On Wednesday, October 28, Tashkent hosted a national meeting dedicated to the implementation of the policy "Health 2020" in Uzbekistan. The event, which was organized by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Regional Office of WHO (World Health Organization), was attended by scientists, representatives of international, governmental and non-governmental organizations, national and international health experts.