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Medical Science


According to akim of West Kazakhstan Province A. Kulginov, the regional health care system should be brought in line with the current standards of care. By the end of 2016, the regional center and each of the district centers plan to purchase at least 60 specialized ambulances. The funds for their acquisition have been allocated at the two sessions of the maslikhat.


However, according to the akim's opinion, this number of vehicles is not sufficient; next year, they will need to continue the purchases of ambulances.



Over the past two decades, the incidence of viral hepatitis A among Kazakh children has decreased by more than 300 times. According to the press service of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, this was due to the widest possible coverage of the population with vaccination, improvement of health literacy of citizens and improvement of water quality. “Last year, 140 cases of hepatitis A among children under the age of 14 were reported (that is, the rate was 3.08 per 100,000 people).


In Kazakhstan, introduction of compulsory social health insurance was postponed for six months, until January 1, 2018. According to the press service of the Prime Minister, under current legislation, the right to receive medical care in the health insurance system should have come on July 1, 2017. “At the same time, we have received instructions from the head of the state regarding a change in the schedule of introduction of health insurance. In other words, the charges and fees will begin on July 1, 2017.


In 2015, the medical industry of Turkmenistan showed a 38 percent growth as compared to the year 2014. According to experts, this growth rate can be maintained until the end of 2016. This is possible thanks to the efficient development of enterprises related to the “Turkmendermansenagat” group, which is the largest manufacturer of medical devices in the country. In terms of money, the company's 2015 production volume is about 2.4 times higher than it was in 2011.



By the end of 2016, Kazakhstan will considered a new draft law on professional liability of doctors. Minister of Health and Social Development of the republic Tamara Duysenova reported this news during the reporting meeting of the Public Council on June 24. “Two years ago we raised the question about the professional responsibility of doctors, while preparing the draft law. However, given the current introduction of the health insurance system in the country, it is necessary to reconsider the issue,” she said.



On June 21, Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, hosted the 26th meeting of the Public Health Cooperation Council of the CIS. Health care organizations and ministries of ten countries discussed issues related to development of cooperation in the field of medical science and public health. According to the press service of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan, the event was participated by special representative of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization Hayk Nikoghosyan and UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé.



As of today, more than a half of all facilities related to the health care infrastructure of Kazakhstan are worn out. Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Elzhan Birtanov made this statement, noting that these figures are based on the results of the recent inspection of more than 10,000 facilities. He said, the level of depreciation of equipment in hospitals has reached 35 percent.



In the Kazakh city of Shymkent, a new shop for aseptic production of antibiotics in the form of powders has been opened by the JSC “Himfarm” (a trademark of “SANTO Member of Polpharma Group”). Commissioning of the facility is the final step in the process of creating the first production of antibiotics in Kazakhstan that complies with the international GMP quality standard. According the press release of SANTO, the new shop performs aseptic production of 14 names of powder antibiotics related to the cephalosporin group.


On May 24, Bishkek hosted the working meeting of Kyrgyz Prime Minister Sooronbai Jeenbekov and Minister of Health Talantbek Batyraliev. They discussed a number of issues related to improving the quality of medical services rendered to the population. According to the press service of the government, the Prime Minister said, “Credibility to the public authorities is largely determined by the quality of medical services and education.”



The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan informs that the recent scandalous circulation in social networks and WhatsApp regarding the alleged upcoming introduction of a payment for calling down an ambulance team is untrue. “The information circulated in social networks and through messengers, which states that Kazakhstan is allegedly going to introduce a pay-per-call ambulance service, does not correspond to reality,” the Ministry announces in the statement.