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Last week, there took place the official closing of the last madrassahs of Tajikistan, which had actually stopped working since three years before. Currently, experts express concerns suggesting that the cessation of training in these religious schools will force theology to go underground, as it happened during the Soviet times, when the so-called “teahouses” flourished in the republic.


According to official information, now one can receive basic religious education in the country only in the gymnasium at the Islamic Institute.



Near the walls of the ancient fortress Ichan Kala, an event that attracts gourmets is taking place in Khiva. Over one hundred farmers have delivered tons of famous Khorezm melons to this citadel. According to the festival organizers, it should attract the attention of tourists and increase the volume of export of local agricultural products to other countries.



On July 20, the higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan have completed the reception of documents from entrants. According to the State Testing Center under the government of the republic, this year the country's high schools have registered more than 663,200 applications from people wishing to become students, which is a record number. For comparison, last year the number of applicants in Uzbekistan was barely over 605,800 people.


In addition, the average competition was 11.51 persons per a vacant seat, although last year it was 10.45.


In August 2016, a new amusement park and recreation zone called “Anchor-Locomotive” will open in the capital of Uzbekistan. According to the information service of the JSC “Uzbekistan Railways,” the new facility will be located in the territory along the “Anchor” canal, between the streets Zulfiyahonim and Labzak, in Shaikhantakhur District. Its total area is about eight hectares, and its main feature is the ability to receive and entertain visitors at any time of the year.



On July 16, the Kazakh football club “Aktobe” presented the country's first mini-football team; there was also held the contract signing ceremony with its first players. This official event was participated by Iskaliev Ghali, president of the Football Association of Aktobe Province.



In the course of the 40th regular session of the World Heritage Committee that opened in Istanbul on July 10, the historic center of the ancient Uzbek city of Shahrisabz was included in the World Heritage List as “endangered.” In particular, this was due to development of tourism infrastructure in the historic city. During the meetings, the Committee expressed concern about the destructions of buildings located in the central area of the blocks that were built here in the Middle Ages, and about the construction of modern buildings for hospitality and other purposes.


The National Company “EXPO 2017” in cooperation with national tour operators of Kazakhstan have developed a few dozens of excursion routes that are rich in content and variety. As a result, tourists who arrive in the republic will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted not only with the sights of the capital and the fairgrounds, but also with all the historical and cultural sites in Kazakhstan.


The number of Kyrgyzstan's population has increased by 2.1 percent over the past two years, as reported by head of the department of labor market and socio-demographic statistics of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic Rimma Chinybaeva. “Kyrgyzstan is one of the few CIS countries, where the population is increasing rather than decreasing. Kyrgyzstan's population growth rate is significantly higher than in almost all other CIS countries, except Tajikistan. In the period 2014-2015, the population of Kyrgyzstan increased by 2.1 percent,” Chinybaeva said.


In September 2016, secondary schools of Kazakhstan will introduce new educational programs in the first grade. In particular, plans are afoot to introduce trilingual education. Children will now learn Russian, Kazakh and English languages as separate subjects; teachers will also undergo a special training for the transition to the new system. For them, there have been developed new textbooks on the basis of “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools,” which will become the basis for the renewed national education system.


On August 5-14, 2016, the fourth field academic competition for young geologists will take place in Kazakhstan, in the children's recreation center “Zvezdny” that is located in the territory of the Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area. According to the Press Service of the Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use, such events among young geologists have a huge impact on preparation and formation of the new generation of geologists.