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Culture & Living


According to the annual rating of the cost of living in different countries published by the international information portal “Numbeo,” Kazakhstan was ranked 119th out of 122 participants, subsequent to the 2016 results. For comparison, in 2015, the republic was on the 62nd place, which means it has dropped by 57 positions over the year. Besides Kazakhstan, the top ten most affordable countries include India, Moldova, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Ukraine, Georgia, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Colombia (they occupy the positions 122 to 113, respectively).



The well-known American publication The New York Times has composed a list of the most interesting places in the world that are recommended for travelers in 2017. The list includes 52 countries, and Kazakhstan occupies the 26th place. The republic is the only Central Asian state considered by the newspaper. Moreover, Kazakhstan was also the only country from the former Soviet Union that was suggested to tourists as one of the most interesting places in the world.



The Internet service “OLX” has carried out a research themed “Ideal City,” the purpose of which was to study the quality of life in 20 major cities of Kazakhstan. The priority was given to the ten key factors; however, the emphasis was on the development of housing and communal infrastructure: availability of affordable shops, playgrounds and cafes, as well as the children's infrastructure. The respondents assessed their cities on a scale from 1 to 7.


The Committee for Emergency Situations of Tajikistan addressed the citizens of the republic, urging them to comply with the precautionary measures due to the further deterioration of the weather conditions in the country. According to the report of the Agency for Hydro-Meteorology, on November 23-26, Tajikistan should expect a significantly increase in snowfall, as well as a decrease of air temperature. The forecasters associate these processes with the general cold snap, which is due to the arrival of the Siberian cyclone that spread throughout Central Asia in late November.


On November 9, the capital of Uzbekistan witnessed the beginning of the Culture Days of Turkmenistan in the Republic. The Turkmen delegation that arrived in Tashkent included the management and representatives of the country's leading museums, the Ministry of Culture, the media, as well as s folk-dance team and performers of folk and popular pop songs. The official opening ceremony took place at the Alisher Navoi State Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet, culminating in a concert of masters of arts of Turkmenistan.



On October 31, Astana hosted the ceremony of commissioning of the first line of facilities intended for the World Exhibition EXPO 2017, which will be held in Astana in 2017. International pavilions and apartments have been created for the five states participating in this event: China, France, Germany, Hungary and Turkey.



Two theaters of Astana have become the winners of the fourth International Theater Festival of Central Asia. They are: the State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama Theater of K.Kuanyshbaeva, and the “Zhastar Theaters” team. According to the press-service of the Mayor's Office of the capital of Kazakhstan, the city of Taldykorgan was the venue for the festival held on October 24-27. This cultural event was participated by theater groups from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Tatarstan (the Russian Federation).



On November 10-12, Tashkent will host the large-scale fashion show “Golden Autumn 2016,” which will be organized by the Association amateur fashion designers and tailors of the capital of Uzbekistan. For three days, the capital venue “Zarqaynar” will display the collections “Haute Couture” and “ready-to-wear” of the famous fashion designers of the republic, as well as coutures and emerging designers from other CIS countries. To date, more than 30 designers have confirmed their intention to participate in the upcoming show.



The Charities Aid Foundation has published the “World Giving Index 2016,” in which Uzbekistan was ranked the 11th and called the most “giving and generous” country in the CIS. In addition, the top twenty includes another Central Asian country: Turkmenistan occupies the 15th position. For the third year in a row, Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been recognized as the most generous country in the world ranking; the second place was given to the United States (just like in 2015), and the third place went to Australia.


The Festival of Apples “ALMAfest 2016” is taking place in the southern capital of Kazakhstan, in the territory of the Park of the First President. The event was organized as part of celebrations of the millennial anniversary of the city. The news was reported by the press service of the Almaty administration, which also voiced the greeting and congratulations by Mayor Bauyrzhan Baibek. In particular, he noted that this festival has become a good tradition, which successfully fits into the traditional festivities.