Traditions of the Kyrgyz people were being formed with the help of economic, trade, domestic and other relations with kindred and other tribes that were closely related to the geography of their ha...

After the coup of 19 March 1953 in the socio-political history of Iran there were fundamental changes: the powers of parliament were limited and the absolute power of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was...

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran are two countries that claim to leadership in the region. With a powerful resources and political potential these countries are the...

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On 26 May, Tajikistan's Ambassador to the United States Abdujabbor Shironov spoke openly about the energy and water shortages impacting the region, joint collaboration between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, the construction of a large hydro-power key to Tajikistan's energy security, and oil and gas exploration where preliminary assessments tend to show an untapped potential that could lead to the country's energy independence.


Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said on Thursday that rescuers found 28 bodies of miners who had been trapped underground after a coal mine blast in northern Turkey, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported.

The discovery came after nearly three days of search for some 30 trapped miners after an explosion hit the Karadon coal mine in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak on Monday.

"Efforts are under way to reach the other two trapped miners," Yildiz was quoted as saying.


The Iraqi government said it has approved an agreement that would allow the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern part of the country to resume oil exports, an Iraqi newspaper said on Wednesday.

The agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) stated that the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad will pay the foreign oil firms operating in Iraqi Kurdish region their expenses, the al-Mashriq newspaper quoted government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh as saying.


Turkey is ready to manufacture its own planes, Turkish transport minister said here on Tuesday.

"It is time to realize the dream of manufacturing our own planes now," said Binali Yildirim at the Turkish regional passenger plan workshop at Istanbul Technical University.

Local Dogan news agency quoted him as saying that the excitement, experience and political will were all there, "we have universities, industry is capable, we have the research and development capacity. It is time to act."


Iraqi Oil Ministry said Tuesday it has exported 53 million barrels of oil in April, bringing in revenues of 4.222 billion U.S. dollars with an average price of 79. 66 dollars a barrel.

A statement by the ministry obtained by Xinhua said that 42.7 million barrels were exported through the southern port of Basra, and 10.3 million barrels were exported via Turkey's port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean Sea.

In March, the ministry said the country exported 57.1 million barrels of oil, gaining revenues of 4.351 billion dollars.


The gaze of the world is once more fixed upon China -- this time its financial hub of Shanghai -- two years after Beijing impressed the world with a memorable Olympic Games.

An expected 70 million visitors from both home and abroad will see a kaleidoscope of landmarks, ideas and visions embodying the theme of the Expo: Better City, Better Life.

With so much to see during the six months from May 1, any profiling of the event might prove incomplete.


A government spokesman says Kazakhstan lost more than 2 billion Tenge (some 13.65 million U.S. dollars) to national procurement corruption in 2009.

Murat Zhumanbai,a spokesman for the Anti Corruption and Economic Crime Bureau, said Thursday that 380 corruption cases were found in 2009, a 43-percent increase on year.

Zhumanbai said at a news conference that 47 percent of corruption cases occurred in construction, including the building of public hospitals and schools.


Korea will collaborate with Kazakhstan in developing the central Asian country's rich natural resources, especially its all-important oil, dubbed black gold.

The government-run Korea National Oil Corp. (KNOC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with its Kazak counterpart Kaz Munai Gas (KMG) Thursday in Seoul.

Under the bilateral agreement, the two entities will forge a strategic partnership in order to explore and develop oil fields not only in Kazakhstan but also elsewhere.


The Tokyo District High Court on Thursday sentenced Keiji Katsuba, a former secretary to Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, to two years in prison, suspended for three years, for falsifying political funds.

Katsuba was sentenced for falsifying donations to Hatoyama from his mother and sister. The prime minister's mother is the heiress to the fortune of the founder of tyre manufacturer Bridgestone.


Relations between the Syrian government and Americans who work with Syrians here are as bad as I have seen in the four years since I began working as the American editor of Syria Today, the country's first private-sector English language magazine.