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Middle East


Western and Arab powers agreed with Syrian opposition leaders Tuesday that President Bashar al-Assad should be excluded from any future government, but urged the rebels to take part in a peace conference in Geneva, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said after a meeting in London that the rebels had to overcome their differences and commit themselves to the talks in the Swiss city that are due to take place in late November.


Tension escalated in Istanbul after police staged an intervention against a group of 50 people gathered in the Beyoglu district late on Oct. 22. The group had come together in support of the demonstrations in Ankara against the controversial Middle East Technical University (ODTU) road project.

Police used water cannon trucks (TOMA) to disperse a group that had gathered in front of Galatasaray High School on İstiklal Avenue, near Taksim Square. One person was taken to hospital after being injured due to pressurized water.


Students of some Turkish universities held protests yesterday night, TRT Haber TV channel reported today.

According to the channel, protests were aimed against the construction of the road through the campus of Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi, as well as cutting down trees.

While commenting on the protests, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that such actions can not stop the activity of the government even if the mosques are demolished to construct the roads or other measures are carried out for the development of the country.


Turkish families with three or more children will be exempt from paying taxes, Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Shimshek said during a debate on the 2014 state budget in the country's Parliament, Sabah newspaper reported on Wednesday.

According to the publication, Turkey's budget for the next year allocated 78.5 billion lira for education and 30.4 billion lira for social assistance to low-income families.

Earlier, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for increasing the birth rate in the country.


Turkey's economy is much more developed than that of some EU countries, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said, Anadolu agency reported today.

According to him, some countries among 28 EU countries do not meet the criteria of this organization.

He also stressed that Turkey has achieved great success in many spheres for the last 11 years.

Deputy Prime Minister added that Ankara intends to continue the reforms in the Turkish economy.

The European Union is not ready to accept Turkey yet, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said earlier.


Seven people were killed Wednesday in Iraq when a suicide attacker in a bomb-laden truck blew up a bridge on the highway to the Jordanian border, local media reported.

Four officers at a police post and three truck drivers were killed when the bridge collapsed, the independent Alsumaria television station reported quoting security officials, dpa reported.

Rescuers were searching for survivors at the site of the explosion, some 450 kilometres west of Baghdad in restive al-Anbar province, the report said.


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will visit Oman and Kuwait on Oct. 23, the Turkish Foreign Ministry reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the aspects of developing political and economic relations between the countries will be discussed during the visit.

Moreover, Turkish and Kuwait's Foreign Ministers will discuss the situation in the region, as well as the Syrian crisis settlement.


Britain lifted a production ban on the huge Rhum North Sea gas field, co-owned by BP and the Iranian Oil Company, to prevent any damage to the environment and the field after it shut in 2010 due to EU sanctions on Iranian firms, Reuters reported.

The energy ministry said on Tuesday it was allowing the restart to prevent permanent damage to the high-pressure, high-temperature field, which was not designed to remain shut permanently.


The Oil Ministry of Iran has rejected some news published by domestic media that Chinese investors have cancelled financing $20 billion worth of petrochemical projects in Iran, the Shan News Agency reported.

Chinese investors have generally agreed to invest in Iran's petrochemical sector and there is no problem in this regard, the report said.

On Monday, the Mehr News Agency reported that Chinese investors have not met their obligations to invest $20 billion in Iran's petrochemical projects.


Before giving Iran conditions, the U.S. political leaders must first exit their oblivion, Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani said during his speech in the country's parliament, Fars news agency reported.

Larijani's remarks came in response to the conditions that came from the US officials regarding the upcoming Nov. 23 Geneva 2 conference on Syrian conflict.