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By Umid Niayesh - Trend: Iran will manufacture at least seven important vaccines during the next four years, Iranian Health Minister, Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi said, IRNA news agency reported.

He went on to note that, the country faces a shortage in supplying some needed vaccines, without unveiling any exact details.

Iran was a main vaccine producer and was able to supply all vaccine needs of the region, Qazizadeh Hashemi said, adding that at the present, unfortunately the county has to import its needed vaccine.


A mass poisoning of children taking part in the Turkish language contest occurred in Kirikkale province of Turkey, 'Haberturk' newspaper wrote on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, 100 children were taken to the hospital as a result of the mass poisoning.

According to the newspaper, the poisoning was caused by drinks and chicken, which were distributed to the participants of the contest.

A criminal case is filed on fact of the mass poisoning, the incident is being investigated. There are not citizens of foreign countries among the poisoned children.


The Red Crescent Society of Turkey is going to render aid to the earthquake area of Iran, 'TRT Haber' TV channel reported.

The preparatory works are being conducted now in order to send aid to the earthquake zone of Iran.

On Tuesday, an earthquake measuring about 7.5 points was recorded on the Iran-Pakistan border. The earthquake focus was at a depth of about 18 kilometers.

The earthquake was also felt in the neighboring Arab countries, as well as in the Indian capital New Delhi.


Some 70 Syrian soldiers fighting against militants received medical treatment in Turkey last month, the mayor of the central district of Hatay, Antakya, has revealed Hurriyetdailynews reported.

Lutfu Savash said wounded Syrian soldiers had asked for help from Turkish soldiers on the border and received treatment in hospitals in Antakya.


Six Syrians were treated at a hospital in Israel for injuries sustained in the conflict and repatriated Wednesday, the Israeli military said, dpa reported.

They were among seven Syrians admitted to a hospital in the northern city of Safed, where some underwent surgery.

The military said the group had approached Israeli troops in the north of the occupied Golan Heights on February 16, and asked for medical treatment.

The six were "released at an undisclosed location for their own safety," while one remained in hospital, the military said.


Typhoid has broken out in an opposition-held region of Syria due to people drinking contaminated water from the Euphrates River, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said, al Jazeera reported.

An estimated 2,500 people in northeastern Deir az-Zor province have been infected with the contagious disease, which causes diarrhoea and can be fatal, the UN agency said on Tuesday.


About 60 per cent of Syrian refugees residing on the Turkish-Syrian border are children, Anadolu agency reported on Monday.

This shows that 10,000 out of 17,000 refugees residing at the Atma camp on the Turkish border with Syria, are children under the age of 16.

It is reported that the Turkish government has created all the necessary conditions for children living in the most difficult conditions, to continue their education. In particular, schools were constructed and teachers speaking Arabic were involved.


Three hundred people have been afflicted with cancer in Iran's central Markazi province due to Shazand power plant pollutions, ISNA quoted MP Mohammad-Hassan Asafari as saying.

Air in the city of Arak, which is the capital city of Markazi province, is polluted 250 days in a year.

"This is just due to the operation of the Shazand power plant, but and there is no commitment to remove the pollution in the city," he added.


Turkish Red Crescent has sent 75 tonnes of flour to Syrians Worldbulletin reported.

According to an announcement by the agency, 3 truck laden of flour was handed out to Syrians in Turkey's border town Akcakale.

The agency will send a total of 50,000 tonnes of flour to Syrians upon cabinet decision.

Meanwhile, Turkish NGOs and municipalities continue to send aid materials to Syrians under the "Bread and Blanket for Syrians" campaign.


Turkey will continue to provide all possible support to Syrian refugees, Anadolu agency quotes Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying on Thursday.

According to Erdogan, Syrian refugees in Turkey need some food products, and the country is ready to meet all the needs of refugees.

At present, the major number of Syrian refugees accounts for Turkey.

According to the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD), the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has reached 105,000 people.