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At least 43 people were killed when a fire swept through a poultry processing plant in north-eastern China's Jilin province Monday, dpa reported according to state media.

The fire broke out just after 6 am in a slaughterhouse at the Jilin Baoyuan Poultry Company in Mishazi township, China Central Television said.

Firefighters were still trying to put out the blaze by mid-morning, reports said.

It was not immediately clear if other workers at the plant were missing.


The death toll rose to 112, with others believed missing, after an explosion and fire on Monday at a poultry processing plant in north-eastern China's Jilin province, dpa reported.

At least 30 others were injured after fire broke out around 6 am (2200 GMT Sunday) in a slaughterhouse at the Jilin Baoyuan Poultry Company in Mishazi township, the provincial government said.


Twelve people died and at least 13 were missing Monday after a blast ripped through an explosives workshop in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong, dpa reported according to state media.

The explosion scattered rubble up to 200 metres away, killing at least a dozen people at the factory owned by the Poly Explosives (Jinan) Company in Shandong's Caofan township, the semi-official China News Service reported.

Earlier reports said firefighters had rescued nine workers and recovered five bodies.


Six people, including five German nationals and a Chinese driver, died and 14 others were injured after a tourist bus rear-ended a container truck and caught fire Monday near Beijing, police said.

The bus, which had a license plate from Beijing, was carrying a group of German tourists and was driving on an expressway linking the capital with the neighboring port city of Tianjin when the accident happened at around 8:30 a.m., said police authorities in Tianjin.

Police said the tour group was organized by the Beijing-based China Youth Travel Service.


Forty people were injured late Sunday in a fight that broke out among workers at a Foxconn plant in north China's Shanxi Province, government officials said Monday, Xinhua reported.

Among the injured, three were in a serious condition, with most of the others slightly injured, a senior official with the government of Taiyuan City, the provincial capital said.

The fight started at 11 p.m. in the site's dormitory zone in Taiyuan, attracting more than 10,000 spectators and triggering chaos, according to the city's public security bureau.


The Japanese Embassy in Syria said a correspondent from Japan was killed in the Syrian city of Aleppo during the ongoing armed clashes between government troops and rebels, RIA Novosti quoted Kyodo news agency as reporting.

The agency said that the killed correspondent was Mika Yamamoto, 45, who worked for an independent information agency Japan Press.

The late journalist used to work in many war-torn places of the world, delivering reports particularly from Afghanistan and Iraq, the agency added.


Japan planned to sign a contract with the United States next month for the purchase of four F-35 stealth fighter jets despite a price increase for the aircraft, local media reported Monday.

The fighter jets are set to be delivered before the end of fiscal year 2016 and may cost about 138 million U.S. dollars per unit. The Japanese government is making arrangements with the U.S. for the purchase as part of the budget in the current fiscal year which ends next March, Xinhua reported.


A man in an Afghan army uniform shot dead a member of the NATO-led troops in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, while another foreign soldier died in a roadside bombing elsewhere, the alliance said, dpa reported.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said in a statement that its troops killed the attacker in return fire. It did not release information about the nationality of the soldier or the exact location of the attack.

In eastern Afghanistan, another NATO soldier was killed in a roadside bombing. dpa hrs ar Author: Hares Kakar


The United States and Vietnam began joint naval exercises Monday off the coastal town of Da Nang as a territorial dispute with China simmers, DPA reported.

About 1,400 US personnel are taking part in the week-long event, the third of its kind since 2010, Lieutenant Commander Mike Morley said.

The drills come as the Philippines and the US enter the second week of war games in that South-East Asian country. China warned that the timing of the exercises could provoke armed confrontation amid the dispute over waters near the Scarborough Shoal.


Japanese Defence Minister Naoki Tanaka Tuesday ordered the military to prepare for a possible operation to destroy a North Korean rocket if it passes through the country's airspace, DPA reported.

His order prompted the military to consider where to deploy its Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) surface-to-air missile system ahead of a rocket launch announced by Pyongyang for between April 12 and 16.