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A delegation of the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey visited Russia and Germany and had meetings with representatives of leading travel companies in these countries, 'Hürriyet' newspaper reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the purpose of the visits to Russia and Germany is attracting tourists to Turkey, whose numbers dramatically dropped after the events in Taksim Square.

In Russia the delegation met with the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation Alexander Radkov. In Germany, meetings with the leaders of 10 leading travel agencies took place.


Seven people died as a result of methane poisoning in Milas district of Mugla province of Turkey, CNN Türk channel reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the poisoning occurred on one of the pumping stations receiving sewage from nearby factories. Workers who conducted the repair work at the station, got poisoned after inhaling methane.

All seven people poisoned by methane died in hospitals where they had been delivered.

A criminal case is started, the incident is under investigation.


The number of arrested during the protests in Ankara reached one hundred people, TRT Haber channel reported on Monday.

The protesters blocked the main roads in the capital; in response the police began to disperse the demonstrators.

According to the channel, some members of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) also participated in the protests.

Protests have been continuing in Turkey for more than twenty days. According to the representatives of the authorities, the protests already have anti-government character.


The protests in Turkey are aimed against the country's economic growth, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz said, TRT Haber TV channel reported on Monday.

According to the minister, the recent economic reforms in the country show that not everyone is happy with Turkey.

He added that despite the ongoing events, Turkey will continue developing its economy.

"The economic projects currently implemented by Turkey, are directed to the future of the country," Yildiz said.


Turkey is not interested in the privatisation of TPAO (national oil and gas company) by foreign companies, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz said, the TRT Haber channel reported on Monday.

The minister said Turkey is interested in the future privatisation of TPAO by local companies.

Earlier, chairman of the Energy Commission of the Turkish Parliament Mucahit Findikli told the newspaper Dünya that in case of need, TPAO can be put up for privatisation to achieve large scale goals.


A mass poisoning of children taking part in the Turkish language contest occurred in Kirikkale province of Turkey, 'Haberturk' newspaper wrote on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, 100 children were taken to the hospital as a result of the mass poisoning.

According to the newspaper, the poisoning was caused by drinks and chicken, which were distributed to the participants of the contest.

A criminal case is filed on fact of the mass poisoning, the incident is being investigated. There are not citizens of foreign countries among the poisoned children.


It is wrong to compare the protests in Turkey with the unrest in the Middle East, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said during his visit to the Rize province, TRT Haber TV channel reported today.

Gul said that every citizen has the right to protest in Turkey, but it must be within the democracy.

He added that the countries, criticising Turkey, incorrectly assess the situation. Such protests also occur in those countries.

Protests have been taking place in various Turkish cities for more than two weeks. According to the authorities, the protests are of an anti-government character.


Almost 16 days have passed since the beginning of protests on Taksim Square. The rallies will either abate or break out with renewed vigor during this period.

All political parties opposed to the ruling party, were expected to join the events and create a coalition against the authorities, but this did not happen.

The leader of the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party Devlet Bahceli justified the protesters' cause and urged people not to succumb to provocations.


The Turkish protests are directed against the economy and politics of the country, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quoted today by TRT Haber TV channel as saying.

Erdogan said four people were killed during the riots. One of them was a policeman.

He added that the protesters do not realise the amount of the damage made to the country's economy and tourism as a result of the protests.

According to Erdogan, about 80 per cent of reservations were cancelled due to the protests in Turkey.


The Turkish government is interested in creating problems in the country, the head of Turkey's Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Devlet Bahceli said in a speech at the party congress, TRT Haber reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, Bahceli also called on Turkish youth not to give in to provocation.

"Turkish youth is capable of overthrowing the government, but it must be done in a democratic way, not through riots," Bahceli said.