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Turkish families with three or more children will be exempt from paying taxes, Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Shimshek said during a debate on the 2014 state budget in the country's Parliament, Sabah newspaper reported on Wednesday.

According to the publication, Turkey's budget for the next year allocated 78.5 billion lira for education and 30.4 billion lira for social assistance to low-income families.

Earlier, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for increasing the birth rate in the country.


Turkey's economy is much more developed than that of some EU countries, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said, Anadolu agency reported today.

According to him, some countries among 28 EU countries do not meet the criteria of this organization.

He also stressed that Turkey has achieved great success in many spheres for the last 11 years.

Deputy Prime Minister added that Ankara intends to continue the reforms in the Turkish economy.

The European Union is not ready to accept Turkey yet, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said earlier.


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will visit Oman and Kuwait on Oct. 23, the Turkish Foreign Ministry reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the aspects of developing political and economic relations between the countries will be discussed during the visit.

Moreover, Turkish and Kuwait's Foreign Ministers will discuss the situation in the region, as well as the Syrian crisis settlement.


Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (c) has opened its museum's doors for the first time in history, allowing the daily Hürriyet a unique look into the workings of the organization.

The spying instruments used between the Second World War and the end of Cold War vary among nearly 150 equipment from a shoe wedge bug to a weighing machine or a soap, pen, plug fuse, tie, radio, watch that records voices.

The instruments are being evaluated as historical artifacts by the MİT. The MİT was established in 1965 to replace the National Security Service, which was found in 1926.


The European Commission (EC), which has in the past consistently avoided mentioning Turkey's headscarf controversy in its progress reports, has announced that it welcomes "growing consensus" on an issue that has polarized the country since the 1990s Today`s Zaman reported.

Responding to a question, the spokesman for Stefan Fule, the commissioner for enlargement and European neighborhood policy, said it was up to Turkey to find its own compromise on the subject.


The Turkish government has revised down its growth expectations for this year to 3.6 percent, a significant acceleration from last year's 2.2 percent gain but well below the 8.8 percent expansion of 2011, which was Europe's best Today`s Zaman reported.

The government earlier targeted growth of 4 percent this year.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan told reporters on Tuesday that the government is targeting 3.6 percent of growth while the growth will rise to 4 percent next year and 5 percent growth in both 2015 and 2016.


Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler has said a new agency will be created in the security services included in the Interior Ministry, Anadolu agency reported.

According to Guler the new agency will create conditions allowing some 30,000 policemen in the security services to hold more important positions.

The minister noted that the new agency will benefit from the police experience in preventing negative cases.


Income to the Turkish economy from the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline project (TANAP) will amount to $4 billion, Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz said, Sabah newspaper reported on Wednesday.

According to him, the construction of TANAP will commence in 2014.

The minister added that the project will contribute to the development of 19 cities of the country.

A total of 1.8 million tons of steel pipes will be laid for the realisation of the project of construction of the gas pipeline through Turkey's territory.


The package of measures for democratization which was adopted in Turkey may be a model for the EU, the country's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday, TRT Haber reported on Wednesday.

According to him, the opportunity for other nations living in Turkey to receive education in their native language will open wide doors for the country.

On Sept. 30, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a new package of measures for the country's democratisation.


Turkey's National Intelligence Organisation has instructed the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) to work out a draft for a new unmanned aerial vehicle such as a Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle, Zaman newspaper reported today.

According to the newspaper, TÜBİTAK intends to create a drone that can stay aloft for as long as possible and take some 500 kilogramme payload on board. Moreover, the new drone will take pictures and examine the territory over which it will fly.

Earlier, Turkey manufactured its first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ANKA.