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War & Terrorism, Turkey


Tension escalated in Istanbul after police staged an intervention against a group of 50 people gathered in the Beyoglu district late on Oct. 22. The group had come together in support of the demonstrations in Ankara against the controversial Middle East Technical University (ODTU) road project.

Police used water cannon trucks (TOMA) to disperse a group that had gathered in front of Galatasaray High School on İstiklal Avenue, near Taksim Square. One person was taken to hospital after being injured due to pressurized water.


Religious Affairs Directorate President Mehmet Gormez has stated that he wants to announce to the whole world that Muslims strongly condemn the latest terrorist attacks targeting non-Muslims in Pakistan and Kenya Today`s Zaman reported.


Protester Ahmed Atakan died in Hatay province after he fell from the roof. The Turkish police was not involved in his death, Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler said today, TRT Haber TV channel reported.

"The medical report showed that Atakan died after he fell from the roof of the building," minister added. "The police are not involved in his death."


Clashes have occurred between Turkish police and Syrian illegals who attempted to smuggle fuel into Turkey, the Anadolu agency reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the clashes took place in the Reyhanli region of Hatay province close to the Syrian border. Around eight people were injured as a result.

The injured including one child, were rushed to the nearest hospitals. A criminal case is being filed.


The Turkish Armed Forces have used gas bombs against Syrian citizens who illegally tried to enter the Turkish side today, TRT Haber TV channel reported today citing the website of the country's Armed Forces.

It is reported that around 1,500-2,000 Syrian citizens were detained by the Turkish security forces.

On July 18, there were fierce clashes on the Turkish-Syrian border between the Syrian wing of the PKK terrorist organization and militants of "Jabhat Al-Nusra" extremist organization.


At least seven people were killed and nine others wounded when two groups entered into an armed clash over a land dispute in the eastern province of Mush on Wednesday Todays`s Zaman reported.

The incident reportedly took place in the Bulanık district of Muş on Wednesday afternoon. According to initial reports, the names of those killed are: Bahattin Dost, Nusrettin Dost, Fethullah Dost, Mehmet Dost, Fehim Kundo, Gıyasettin Kundo and Halit Kundo.


The process of withdrawal of the militants of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) from Turkey is expected to finish on September 1, this year, Sabah newspaper reported on Monday.

Over the past 45 days since the beginning of the withdrawal process PKK members have completely left the provinces of Hakkari, Sirnak, Van, Mardin, Diyarbakir, Siirt, Mus, Bitlis and Bingol.

The last groups of fighters from the provinces in the Black Sea region of Turkey, as well as the province of Tokat and Sivas, have already begun the process of withdrawal from the territory of Turkey.


Seven people died as a result of methane poisoning in Milas district of Mugla province of Turkey, CNN Türk channel reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the poisoning occurred on one of the pumping stations receiving sewage from nearby factories. Workers who conducted the repair work at the station, got poisoned after inhaling methane.

All seven people poisoned by methane died in hospitals where they had been delivered.

A criminal case is started, the incident is under investigation.


Some 20,000 demonstrators hold a large-scale protest rally in the Turkish capital Ankara, newspaper Hurriyet reported on Saturday.

According to the newspaper, the number of protesters is growing by the minute.

By order of the Governor of Ankara Aladdin Yuksel military units were sent for the protection of the building of the Prime Minister.

Rally in Ankara began as a rally of solidarity with demonstrations in Istanbul, which is going on 5 days.


The Embassy of Azerbaijan to Turkey has no information on citizens of Azerbaijan injured in clashes in the country's major cities.

After the beginning of the clashes between the police and the proetestors in Istanbul, then Ankara, Izmir and other cities of Turkey, Azerbaijan's Embassy in Ankara and Consulate General in Istanbul contacted fellow citizens and so far there are no official or unofficial reports on injured citizens of Azerbaijan, the Embassy told Trend on Monday.