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The Turkish population disapproves of the fact that boys and girls live in co-ed student hostels in the country, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said, TRT Haber TV channel reported.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the separation of students' hostels for boys and girls shouldn't be perceived as an intervention in personal life.

"Currently, the government is not engaged in this issue, but in the housing will be separated," Bozdag said.

According to Bozdag, this step doesn't contradict the country's constitution.


Students of some Turkish universities held protests yesterday night, TRT Haber TV channel reported today.

According to the channel, protests were aimed against the construction of the road through the campus of Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi, as well as cutting down trees.

While commenting on the protests, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that such actions can not stop the activity of the government even if the mosques are demolished to construct the roads or other measures are carried out for the development of the country.


Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (c) has opened its museum's doors for the first time in history, allowing the daily Hürriyet a unique look into the workings of the organization.

The spying instruments used between the Second World War and the end of Cold War vary among nearly 150 equipment from a shoe wedge bug to a weighing machine or a soap, pen, plug fuse, tie, radio, watch that records voices.

The instruments are being evaluated as historical artifacts by the MİT. The MİT was established in 1965 to replace the National Security Service, which was found in 1926.


An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit the Tuten region, Mush province in the east of Turkey at night, Anadolu reported today.

No causalities or damage were reported.

An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale hit Turkey' eastern province of Mush on September 16.

Turkey is located in a seismically active zone and earthquakes, which often lead to the loss of human life, occur here very frequently. The strongest fluctuations in the Earth's crust in this country were recorded in 1999 in the Marmara Sea. The magnitude of tremors then was 7.4; about 18,000 people died.


Killings of peaceful demonstrators in Egypt are unacceptable, and this must be stopped, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said, Anadolu agency reported on Wednesday.

According to him, Ankara had anticipated this scenario and has done much to prevent it. However, all calls to the interim government of Egypt proved futile.

"If the crackdown of protests in Egypt continues, the country will not escape the chaos," Gul said.


A forest area is burning in the village of Gulderen in the Turkish Hatay province, Anadolu agency reported on Monday.

According to the report the fire broke out at night and spread over a large area due to strong winds. Fire trucks, two helicopters and two fire planes were involved in extinguishing the fire.

Forest fires have been continuing in Turkey since the end of last month. Earlier, there were large fires in the forests of the Mugla and Balıkesir provinces.


Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Egemen Bagis may become the new mayor of Istanbul, Sabah newspaper reported on Tuesday.

According to the information, during a meeting with the members of Turkish Parliament on the occasion of Iftar (breaking fast) Bagis said that perhaps it is the last Ramadan as a Minister for EU Affairs.


More than 10 thousand people held a sympathy rally in Austria's capital Vienna to support Erdogan in defiance of Gezi Park protests, Anadolu reported.

More than 10 thousand people on Sunday joined in a sympathy rally in Austria's capital Vienna to support Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the face of Taksim Gezi Park protests.


A delegation of the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey visited Russia and Germany and had meetings with representatives of leading travel companies in these countries, 'Hürriyet' newspaper reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the purpose of the visits to Russia and Germany is attracting tourists to Turkey, whose numbers dramatically dropped after the events in Taksim Square.

In Russia the delegation met with the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation Alexander Radkov. In Germany, meetings with the leaders of 10 leading travel agencies took place.


The protests in Turkey are aimed against the country's economic growth, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz said, TRT Haber TV channel reported on Monday.

According to the minister, the recent economic reforms in the country show that not everyone is happy with Turkey.

He added that despite the ongoing events, Turkey will continue developing its economy.

"The economic projects currently implemented by Turkey, are directed to the future of the country," Yildiz said.