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Destroying Syria's chemical weapons outside the country would be the best option, given its ongoing conflict, the head of the international watchdog overseeing the operation said Tuesday, dpa reported.

A Syrian proposal "that the destruction of chemical weapons be carried out outside of the country constitutes the most viable option," Ahmet Uzumcu, director general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, told a meeting of the body's executive council.


Saudi Arabia's highest religious authority, the grand mufti Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, has told young Saudis they should not go to Syria to fight in the civil war Al Jazeera reported.

Saudi Arabia has backed the rebels battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sent weapons, and called on world powers to "enable" Syrians to protect themselves.

"This is all wrong, it's not obligatory," the grand mufti said in a lecture, according to a report on Monday in the Saudi newspaper Al-Hayat.


The Syrian regime has handed Russia new materials implicating rebels in a chemical attack outside Damascus on August 21, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Wednesday Al Arabiya reported
"The corresponding materials were handed to the Russian side. We were told that they were evidence that the rebels are implicated in the chemical attack," Ryabkov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies after talks with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem, according to Agence France-Presse.


While it is difficult to know for sure, it is unlikely that the U.S. will strike Syria, observer of Middle Eastern affairs and research scholar at The University of Texas at Austin, Saif Shahin told Trend.

The expert was commenting on the latest happenings in Syria.

"There There is very little international support, nor do US Congressmen seem convinced," he said.


Former Syrian Defense Minister Ali Habib joined the opposition and escaped to Turkey, Sabah newspaper reported on Thursday.

The publication reported that Habib was dismissed from his post in 2011 due to disagreements with the country's authorities. As the newspaper reported Habib's defection to the opposition is connected with the upcoming military operation against Syria.


Turkey continues pullig the troops to the Syrian border amid the ongoing discussions on military intervention in this country, Haber7 newspaper reported on Thursday.
According to the publication, a military convoy of 20 vehicles was sent to Yayladag area in Hatay province.

A military personnel of 50 people also arrived to the area.


Syria has its own defense systems to protect itself from enemies, Iranian Defense minister Hossein Deghan said, ISNA reported.

Deghan went on to note that Syria does not need Iran's help to provide it with special equipment.

He also said that the presence of the U.S. in the region would affect the crisis in Syria, and it will eventually go beyond country's borders.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that his country is capable of confronting any external attack, a day after his US counterpart Barack Obama called for military action against him Al Jazeera reported.

"Syria ... is capable of confronting any external aggression," state television quoted Assad as saying on Sunday at a meeting with Iranian officials.


The Syrian government has agreed to allow a United Nations mission into the country to investigation allegations of chemicals weapons use in Syria's ongoing civil war, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday, dpa reported.

Ban was "pleased" to announce that Syria had "formally accepted the modalities essential for cooperation to ensure the proper, safe and efficient conduct of the mission," a spokesperson said at UN headquarters in New York.

The departure of the UN team, which last week was waiting in The Hague, is "now imminent," the spokesperson said.


The real death toll in the Syrian war could be more than 200,000 people, a pro-opposition watchdog group said Saturday, as it provided a latest count that matched that of the UN, dpa reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had documented the deaths of more than 106,000 people, but warned that the real toll could be twice as high.

The United Nations said in July that more than 100,000 have been killed in Syria since March 2011.