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Israel has asked the UN Security Council to act on a "dangerous escalation" by Syria, which has sent tanks into a demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights patrolled by UN peacekeepers to maintain a ceasefire between the neighbors Today`s Zaman reported.

Israel captured the Golan Heights, a strategic plateau, from Syria during a 1967 Middle East war. The 400-square-km (155-square-mile) zone is a so-called "area of separation" where Syrian military forces are not allowed under a 1973 ceasefire formalized in 1974. Israel and Syria are still technically at war.


Israeli authorities plan to build 1,285 homes for Jews in East Jerusalem and the West Bank of the Jordan River, "Al Jazeera" TV channel reported on Wednesday.

Namely continuation of settlement activity in the Palestinian lands by Tel Aviv was a reason for failure of the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations two years ago. The Palestinians refuse to resume them until Israel stops building housing in the occupied territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Israel, in turn, offers to resume the dialogue without preconditions.


Three Israeli soldiers were wounded on Tuesday by an explosive device in the southern Gaza Strip, Israel's army said Maan reported .

One soldier was moderately injured and evacuated to hospital by helicopter, and two other were lightly wounded in the blast, an Israeli army spokeswoman said.

The soldiers were injured while on a "routine activity" near the security fence in southern Gaza, she added.

On Oct. 19, an explosive device damaged an Israeli military vehicle near the border in the central Gaza Strip.


The Ministry of Interior in Gaza on Tuesday denied reports that security forces had prevented a Fatah official from leaving the Gaza Strip a day earlier, Hamas said in a statement Maan reported.

Central committee member Amal Hamad waited at the Palestinian side of the Erez crossing for two hours before she was turned back, Fatah said on Monday.

She was meant to travel to a central committee meeting in the West Bank, the party said, accusing the Hamas government of deliberately trying to weaken the Fatah movement in Gaza.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured the Israeli public in an interview broadcast Monday night that he could order an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities if he felt he had no choice, dpa reported.

Asked whether, if he is reelected premier in Israel's January 22 elections, he could pledge that by the end of his next term that Iran would not have a nuclear programme, he replied simply, "Yes."


Moscow has urged Israel and Palestine to refrain from further escalation of tension following the breach of a short cease-fire, Voice of Russia reported.

"After a short ceasefire reached thanks to Egypt's mediation the insurgents from the Gaza Strip and Israel's army exchanged new strikes", the statement of the Russia Foreign Ministry read.

On October 27-29, the Israeli air forces attacked different areas of the Gaza strip and the Palestinian insurgents launched about 30 missiles to the southern areas of Israel. According to local media one man in the Gaza Strip was killed.


Israeli forces detained 24 people across the West Bank overnight Tuesday, Israel's army said Maan reported.

Seven people were arrested in Nablus, five in Ramallah, three in Jenin, three in Hebron, two in the south Hebron hills, two in Tuqu, one in Anata and one in Yatta, an Israeli army spokeswoman said.

They were detained "on suspicion of illegal activities", the spokeswoman added.

Palestinians living in the occupied territories are routinely arrested by Israeli forces, usually on the pretext of security.


A leading Israeli company "Life Watch Technologies", specializing in mobile medical technology for about 20 years is going to present new smartphone of medical direction in Azerbaijan, the president of the company Yair Tal said during the meeting with Azerbaijani journalists.

The company intends to introduce a new model in Azerbaijan, and believes that the Azerbaijani consumers will be interested in it.

The new model, called the "Life Watch" is both a normal smartphone, and a kind of medical device, that is, medical direction software is added to the smartphone.


The IRGC has confirmed that Iran is in possession of Israeli bases photos, shot by Hesbollah UAV, which was shot down by Israeli destroyers earlier this month, ISNA reported.

"Iran has received important information about the Israeli bases that were shot by the drone," IRGC's Head of Public Relations department, General Ramazan Sharif said.

Sharif also said that Iran's army and defense capabilities in particular are much more advanced than the enemies believe them to be.


Azerbaijan has rich experience in the development and production of hydrocarbons, and Israel is going to involve Azerbaijani specialists to the mining projects in the Israeli sector of the Mediterranean sea, said victor Bariudin, director of engineering inspection division of Israeli ministry of energy and water resources at a meeting with journalists.

According to him, the volume of gas deposits in the recently discovered fields in the Israeli sector of the sea are expected to total up to 2,800 billion cubic meters.