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Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called the Iraqis to national unity, Anadolu agency reported on Friday.

"Despite the difficult period for the country, Iraq achieved great successes and we are proud of it," al-Maliki said.

He said despite the Iraqis fight against each other, now all the parties are reconciled and Iraqi society is open to dialogue.

Terror attacks take place almost every day in Iraq in the recent few months. The number of those killed in September is more than 180 with nearly 700 injured as a result of terror attacks.


Turkey has begun delivering military equipment to the border with Iraq today, the newspaper Yeni Safak reported with reference to the Turkish General Staff.

According to the General Staff, Turkey will conduct the operation against militants of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party, which will be called "Fall cleaning".

Earlier, head of the Iraqi parliamentary security committee Iskander Witwit said that any Turkish military aircraft that will penetrate into Iraq with the aim of the operation will be shot down.


Nine people were killed in two attacks in Iraq on Monday, police and government officials said, dpa reported.

Five people were killed in a suicide car bombing targeting an elementary school in the western province of Anbar.

Three children were among those killed on the second day of the Iraqi school year, said Anbar province official Saadoun al-Shaalan to the al-Sumaria news website.


An intense skirmish is on-going between militants of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Turkish military near the border with Iraq in the district of Cukurca in the Turkish province of Hakkari, the Dogan news agency reports.

Military equipment and helicopters are reported to have been redeployed to the area.

The conflict between Turkey and the PKK which demands the creation of an independent Kurdish state has been on-going for more than 25 years. The PKK group is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the UN and the European Union.


Supplies of Iraqi oil to Turkey through the Kirkuk-Yumurtalik oil pipeline blown up yesterday in the Turkish province of Sirnak, have been resumed, Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz said on Tuesday, the Zaman newspaper reports.

The cause of the explosion was sabotage by members of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party.

Previously, PKK militants repeatedly created a diversion at this pipeline. Last time it was blown up in early August when oil pumping to Turkey was halted for a week.


Iraqi authorities Tuesday executed 21 people guilty of terrorism-related offences, local media reported.

Three women were among those executed, the independent Alsumaria News website reported.

In July, London-based human rights group Amnesty International said Iraq had executed at least 70 people so far in 2012, compared with a total of 68 in 2011, dpa reported.

Iraq imposes death sentences on most terrorism-related cases, the rights group reported. Iraq carried out the fourth-highest number of executions worldwide in 2011, after China, Iran and Saudi Arabia.


Turkish company Genel Enerji has acquired a 26 per cent share of Canadian Heritage Oil on the oil and gas field Miran in the Kurdish autonomy in northern Iraq, the newspaper Hurriyet said.

It is reported that Genel Enerji has paid $156 million for a 26 per cent share, increasing its participation in the project to 51 per cent.

Executive director of Genel Enerji, Mehmet Sepil said gas reserves at the field amounted to 150 billion cubic meters and is the largest gas field in Iraq. He noted that this field will be able to provide all Turkey's gas needs for six to seven years.


Commercial transactions will be stopped for a week at Parvizkhan and Khosravi borders between Iran and Iraq due to Eid al Fitr holidays, the IRNA news agency quoted the governor of Iranian border city Qasre Shirin as saying.

Hossein Parvin said that no importation and exportation will be carried out during the weeklong holidays.

Transactions will be resumed on August 25, he said, adding that some 700 truckload of goods are exported on the average from Iran's Parvizkhan border to Iraq per day.


At least 75 people were killed and 250 injured in around 20 bombings and attacks across Iraq on Monday, one of the bloodiest days of the year and just after the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, dpa reported.

In the capital Baghdad, 32 people were killed and 88 injured in car bomb blasts and other explosions, Al Sumaria news website reported.

The bombings took place in the Shiite-dominated al-Sadr City, al-Taji and al-Hussainiya areas in Baghdad.


Iran is building a steam and gas power station with 525 MW at its own expense in the Al- Heydariye district in the Iraqi city of Najaf, MEHR said today.

The plant construction will cost $300 million. Iraq imports 1,000 MW of electricity per day from Iran. So far, Iraq owed ​​Iran $500 million for energy imports.

According to the information, the power station construction is the gift to people and pilgrims of the Karbala and Najjar provinces.

The shrine of Imam Huseyn is situated in the Iraqi city of Karbala and the shrine of Imam Ali in the city of Najaf.