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Afghanistan has accused Iran of holding as many as 21 migrant Afghan workers following a border shooting incident over the weekend and has filed a formal complaint to Tehran, an official said Sunday, Washington Post reported.

According to local accounts, Iranian border guards opened fire on the Afghan laborers on Friday as they tried to cross the boundary illegally looking for work, said Abdul Rahman Zhawandai, a spokesman for the provincial governor in the northwestern Farah province.


NATO-led troops killed two civilians and detained three in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar, an official said Monday, dpa reported.

"NATO soldiers on patrol wanted to search a group of villagers Sunday evening in Arghandab district, but two of them ran away. They were shot dead by the troops," district governor Shah Mohammad Ahmadi told dpa.

He said the troops took three other villagers, who are still in their custody.

"We have started an investigation to find where they are held and attempt for their release, but the foreign forces deny any detention," Ahmadi said.


Afghan and Pakistani forces fired at each other over the border Monday, the second clash in less than week, an Afghan army official said, dpa reported.

The clash occurred at Afghanistan's eastern border with Pakistani tribal areas, where the first skirmish happened Wednesday.

"I can say that Pakistani troops targeted the Afghan border police checkpoints this morning, using artillery, tanks and other heavy arms," said Noman Atefi, spokesman for the Afghan National Army in the eastern region.


At least four policemen were killed and one injured Tuesday by a roadside bomb in south-eastern Afghanistan, an official said, dpa reported.

"A vehicle of policemen from the Public Protection Unit struck a roadside bomb this morning in Andar district. Three police were killed on the spot and two others were wounded," said Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, deputy governor of Ghazni province.

"One of the injured died in the hospital," he said.

He blamed the "enemies of the country" for the attack, a term usually used by Afghan officials to refer Taliban insurgents.


President Hamid Karzai on Saturday urged Taliban insurgents to fight Afghanistan's enemies, an apparent reference to Pakistan after an Afghan soldier died in border clashes with the Pakistani army, dpa reported.

"Instead of killing their own people and destroying their own country, they must point their guns against places where plots are being made against Afghan prosperity and progress," Karzai told journalists in Kabul.

An Afghan soldier died this week in clashes with the Pakistani army in the east of Afghanistan, sparking anti-Pakistan protests.


Five soldiers with the NATO-led military alliance were killed Saturday in a bomb attack in southern Afghanistan, the military said in a statement, dpa reported.

The military gave no details about the soldiers' nationalities or the exact location of the incident.

US, British and Canadian soldiers make up the bulk of NATO troops deployed in the south


A passenger helicopter with Turkish citizens on board crashed in Azra district of Afghanistan's Logar province, the Sabah newspaper reported on Monday.

According to the newspaper, there were nine people on board of the helicopter - two Turkish citizens, three U.S. citizens and four citizens of Afghanistan.

There is information that all the passengers of the helicopter are alive, however, there is a concern that they are captured by the Talibans. Turkish Embassy in Afghanistan is clarifying the details of the accident.


Tajikistan and Great Britain signed an intergovernmental agreement on cargo transportation to Afghanistan through the territory of Tajikistan on Thursday, KyrTAG reported.

The document was signed by Tajik Foreign Minister Hamrokhon Zarifi and UK Ambassador to Tajikistan Robin Jeremy Ord-Smith.

The document envisages the plan of withdrawing UK military equipment and personnel from Afghanistan through Tajikistan's territory.


At least eight civilians were killed and four injured by a roadside bomb Monday in southern Afghanistan, officials said, dpa reported.

"A tractor carrying those villagers to Souri district struck the roadside bomb near Qalat city," Sharifullah Naseri, government spokesman for Zabul province, said.

"Four of the dead were members of a single family," he said."

The Interior Ministry confirmed the incident, saying seven were killed in an "anti-vehicle mine" explosion.

It blamed the Taliban for the attack. Spokesmen for the insurgents were not immediately available for comment.


Kazakhstan Defense Minister Adilbek Dzhaksybekov paid his first official visit to Afghanistan, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. During the visit Dzhaksybekov discussed military cooperation with his Afghan counterpart.

"The areas of cooperation in the military field were discussed by Dzhaksybekov and his Afghan counterpart Bismillah Khan Mohammadi," a statement said.