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The Afghani Transportation Administration has created a specialcommission to investigate the aircraft crash in the mountains withinthe 13 Application of International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO).

The committee also included the representatives from Azerbaijani CivilAviation Administration and Silk Way experts, a member of theAzerbaijani commission investigating the incident, Advisor to the SilkWay Airlines Director Adil Gasimov said.

He said that at present, experts from Azerbaijan are moving to theplace of the alleged aircraft crash.


According to one of the versions, the Azerbaijani aircraft crashed in Afghanistan near the Parwan province in connection with technical problems. The plane burst into flames in mid air, Parwan province governor Basir Salangi told Trend.

The fire started before hitting the mountain, he said.


The Azerbaijani Civil Aviation Administration (ACAA) has created a special commission to investigate causes of the Azerbaijani aircraft crash, Advisor to the Silk Way Airlines Director Adil Gasimov, who also entered the special commission, told Trend. The aircraft which crashed in Afghanistan on Tuesday night was owned by the Azerbaijani Silk Way Airline.

He said the commission comprising representatives of the ACAA and Silk Way will soon leave for to Afghanistan to investigate the incident on the spot.

The names of those who perished in the plane crash are:


German Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized “freedom and partnership” in a speech at Stanford on Thursday where she called for strong international cooperation on winning the war in Afghanistan, repairing repercussions from the financial meltdown and fighting climate change. It was the only speech Merkel is to give during her visit to the United States this month.

(NORBERT STUHRMANN/The Stanford Daily)