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War & Terrorism, Uzbekistan


Today, Uzbekistan's army is one of the strongest armies in the region of Central Asia. However, according to military experts, it is in need of rearmament in order to be able to meet the challenges of the time, including effective counteraction to the possible penetration of armed groups from neighboring Afghanistan into the territory of the republic.


Mass detention of persons suspected of involvement in the various extremist groups began in all regions of Uzbekistan. The news was reported by several local media, which noted that according to the data at their disposal, in Tashkent and Tashkent region, as well as in the Khorezm, Fergana and Kashkadarya regions about 200 people suspected of having links to the "Islamic State" have been detained.


Afghans illegally infiltrated into Uzbekistan, attacked border guards and tried to seize weapons.

Three Afghans were killed during the clash, a statement released by the State Border Protection Committee of the Uzbek National Security Service said today.

According to the report, on March 14 Uzbek border guards were on duty on the Aral-Paygambar island (owned by the Republic of Uzbekistan) and saw more than 30 Afghan citizens. They ignored the legal requirements to leave the country's territory. Around 10 infiltrators attacked the border guards and tried to seize weapons.


Senior Chinese and Uzbekistan military officials pledged to strengthen bilateral military ties on Tuesday, Xinhua reported.

The pledge came during a meeting between Vice Chairman of China's Central Military Commission Xu Caihou and Chief of Joint Staff of Uzbekistan Armed Force V. Makhmudov.

Xu hailed the traditional friendship between the two peoples of China and Uzbekistan. The bilateral relation with Uzbekistan has been developing steadily since diplomatic relations were forged 20 years ago, he added.


Cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan and the U.S. are close and a fruitful collaboration has been established which is acting as a reliable barrier preventing the flow of drugs from neighbouring Afghanistan, Uzbek First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Major General Adham Ahmedbayev said at a meeting with the U.S. delegation.


President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a law "On Ratification of Agreement on the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (EAG) (Moscow, June 16, 2011)".

Official Uzbek media outlets published the law on Wednesday and it takes effect from the date of publication.

Legislative Chamber (lower house of parliament) adopted the law in late November and it was approved by the Senate on Dec.6.