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On Friday, November 21 a regular meeting of the Turkmen-Kazakh intergovernmental commission on cultural, scientific and technical and economic cooperation was held in Ashgabat. This is stated in the message of the Government, where it is also noted that on Saturday, November 22, in the framework of the meeting, negotiations of the Minister of Mineral Resources and Petroleum Industry of Turkmenistan Muhammetnur Halylov and Energy Minister Vladimir Shkolnik were held.


By 2030 Turkmenistan is planning to increase production of natural gas in its territory up to 230 billion cubic meters annually. This information was reported on Wednesday, November 18, by the Chairman of the State Concern "Turkmengaz" Ashirguly Begliev during his speech at the international conference "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan". He also noted that about 180 billion cubic meters of this amount would be used for export.


The section of the railway, which will connect the country with Afghanistan and Tajikistan, passing through the territory of Turkmenistan, is brought to the Afghan border. The news was reported by the State News Agency of the Republic, which noted that the length of the Turkmen part of the regional railway line running between the settlements Atamyrat, Ymamnazar and Akin, is 88 kilometers. Along the highway two railway bridges are being constructed, and the work on the construction of two railway stations began.



Civil aviation today is an important part of the transport system of Turkmenistan, which links not only the regions of the country, but also the country with the rest of the world. Therefore, the state airline "Turkmenhowayollary" completes park its aircraft fleet with the latest planes and helicopters of the world's leading manufacturers. For example, over the last three years the company has purchased six Boeings 737-800 and two cars Boeings 777-200LR. Besides, now it considers the possibility of purchasing of 50- and 100-seater passenger aircraft for internal flights.


Ashgabat hosts the twentieth in a row international conference and exhibition "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan - 2015". The organizers of the oil and gas forum are the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of mineral resources and oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan. This forum involves more than 160 companies from 40 countries including Russia, China, Japan, US, South Korea and others.


One of the priorities in terms of attracting investment in the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan today is the development of oil and gas resources located in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea. As of today, their total resources are estimated at 6.1 trillion cubic meters of gas and 12.1 billion tons of oil. This information was reported by the Minister of Mineral Resources and the oil and gas industry of the country Muhammetnur Halylov in his report, which was sounded on Tuesday, November 17 at the international conference "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2015".


The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has approved priority directions of science and technology development in the republic, by putting his signature under the relevant decree. As it is stated in the text of the document, the decision was made based on the need to increase the country's intellectual potential through the formation of appropriate innovation system, the development of applied and fundamental science, innovative industry.


Within an official visit of the President of Turkmenistan to China from November 11 to 12 the members of the governmental delegation of the country held bilateral talks and meetings with representatives of the Chinese business community. According to the media, during the meeting the parties discussed the ways and prospects for the continuation and intensification of the mutual partnership. In addition, plans for further cooperation have been specified.



Negotiations between the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who arrived in China on an official visit and the President of China Xi Jinping were held in Beijing. During the meeting, held at the House of the People, the two leaders paid special attention to the implementation of the previously reached bilateral agreements, and specified the priorities of further development of the partnership.


The International scientific conference entitled "Dialogue of Cultures on the Silk Road" is held in the capital of Turkmenistan. The forum, which will last for three days, is attended by about 70 scientists and experts, who arrived in Ashgabat from 37 countries. The organizers of the event are the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan jointly with the administration of Dashoguz region.