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During the upcoming harvesting campaign, Turkmenistan plans to use the new equipment of the world-famous manufacturer John Deere: primarily, the harvesters. According to the Ministry of Water and Agriculture, in accordance with the contract concluded with the company “John Deere International GmbH,” Turkmenistan will acquire 1,350 units of agricultural machinery. They will be delivered in three stages, before the end of 2020.



In 2016, the volume of electricity generation in Turkmenistan increased by 5 percent, which indicates the successful implementation of the 2013-2020 Concept for Development of the Electricity Industry. In accordance with this document, plans are afoot to create a number of new energy facilities with a total capacity of 3,854 MW. By 2020, the level of electricity production will reach 26.38 billion kilowatt-hours, which will enable an increase in the volume of export supplies. In 2016, they amounted to about 6.1 billion kWh.



Since the beginning of 2016, Turkmenistan has seen an increase in food prices ranging from 18 to 50 percent. In addition, there is also a tendency for the country's national currency to depreciate against the US dollar in the “black market.” As of today, it ranges from TMT7.2 to TMT7.5. Some local publications reported this news, citing specific prices for a number of types of products.



Turkmenistan plans become a country completely free from tobacco by 2025. This is the goal of the National Program for the Implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which has been approved by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. “This program was adopted with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles in Turkmenistan, improving the health of the population, combating tobacco smoking and increasing life expectancy,” the press release says.



On April 14, Ashgabat hosted a regular meeting of the Organizing Committee for holding international events related to Turkmenistan's 2017 presidency at the Energy Charter Conference. The participants summarized the results of the work carried out over the past three months within the framework of the country's presidency in this major intergovernmental organization. In particular, they discussed the issues related to implementation of the 2017 plan and program of activities aimed at further development and strengthening of international partnership in the energy sector.


On April 12, Turkmen Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov met with the new Ambassador of Italy, Diego Ungaro, in Ashgabat. The parties expressed their intention to continue the close cooperation in various fields of activity: politics, economy and trade. In addition, they agreed to promote in every way the development of bilateral contacts between the business circles of the two countries. At present, Italian businesses are quite active in Turkmenistan, mainly in the field of hydrocarbon production.



In the near future, the first golf club in Turkmenistan will be opened in the southwestern part of Ashgabat. It will be located in a new park on an area of 70 hectares. The park itself has a total area of about 630 hectares, and its zone will stretch from the Tehran street of to the Atamurat Niyazov prospect. According to the local media, considering the uniqueness of the terrain, it's planned to use the most modern design and architectural-planning solutions in the park.



The Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages has held a linguistic contest for students. This event has been held annually for several years. The recent contest was participated by experts in foreign languages who arrived from all universities of the country. This time, the students competed with each other not only in the knowledge of the traditional Russian and English languages; they also demonstrated their levels of knowledge of Chinese and Japanese.


Ashgabat has hosted a business forum participated by representatives of the business circles of South Korea and Turkmenistan. In addition, there was held a regular meeting of the intergovernmental Turkmen-Korean commission for economic, trade, technological and scientific cooperation. A Korean delegation arrived in Ashgabat to participate in these events. It included about 40 executives and specialists of the Financial Exchange, representatives of leading companies and corporations of the Republic of Korea, as well as major scientific and educational centers of the country.


According to the Q1 2017 results, Turkmenistan's economy grew by 6.2 percent as compared to the first quarter of 2016. This information was voiced during the government meeting held on April 5. Its participants also provided official data on the 1.8-percent growth in the productive sector in the period January-March 2017. In the construction industry, a growth rate of 4.4 percent was achieved; in agriculture, the growth was 3.4 percent.