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On Tuesday, October 20 the Turkmen capital hosted a scientific-practical conference on the theme "Achievements of Statistics in the service of society." This event involved representatives of the leading national ministries and departments, the teaching staff of universities and institutions of the country, the Academy of Public Service under the President of the Republic. In addition, there were also participants from the United Nations Development Programme in Turkmenistan, representatives of student youth.



The US intends to ensure the safety of the transnational gas pipeline TAPI, which in the near future will be built in Central Asia. According to a number of media, there are suggestions that in exchange for their participation in this project the United States may obtain the consent for placing its military air base near the Turkmen airfield Mary-2.


In Turkmenistan, the Central Bank of the country imposed restrictions for entrepreneurs in the field of automatic currency conversion, simply by closing their access to this service. As a result, businessmen who work with imported products were not able to pay for the services of their foreign partners and suppliers in the national currency of the country.


Engineering and development works concerning the route of the future gas pipeline TAPI, which will pass through the territory of the republic, began in Turkmenistan. They are carried out by specialists of the Institute of Oil and Gas, which is a subordinate agency within the structure of the State Concern "Turkmengaz". These works consist of complex geological and technical studies carried out on the route of the pipeline, which will stretch from the super-giant gas field "Galkynysh" to the border of Afghanistan.



Construction of the main gas pipeline "East-West" in Turkmenistan is nearing completion, as it is stated in the official report of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and the oil and gas industry of the republic. The main objective of this project is to bring together the main gas fields of the country within a unified gas transportation system, which requires significant increasing of the transport capacity. The length of the new line is a little less than a thousand kilometers, and it passes through the entire country, from the western regions to the eastern ones.


On Thursday, October 15 delegations of Turkmenistan and the United States conducted regular annual consultations, which this time were dedicated to regional energy security.


Last weekend an exhibition of economic achievements of Turkmenistan, which this time was dedicated to the 24th anniversary of independence, was held in Ashgabat. This event involved the structural units belonging to the public sector of the economy, finance and banking, culture and education, tourism and sports. In addition, private businesses were also presented at the exhibition.



On Wednesday, October 14 Ashgabat hosted the Turkmen-Belarusian business forum, the main topic of which was further deepening and expansion of bilateral fruitful cooperation between Turkmenistan and Belarus, as well as investigation of new opportunities for mutual partnership. This event was attended by a Belarusian delegation that arrived in Turkmenistan, which brought together leaders of some government agencies, regional representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic, large enterprises and private companies that specialize in various areas of economic activity.


At the videoconference held in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat, which was attended by the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the heads of the banking and financial sectors of the economy, the issues of formation of the state budget for 2016 were discussed. During the meeting it was noted that the first draft of the state budget had already been prepared and it took into account all the points drawn up by the ministries, departments and various services of financial estimates.


As reported by the mass media of Turkmenistan, the Central Bank of this Central Asian country has banned the purchase of foreign currencies in the amount of more than 8 thousand dollars a year by individuals in banks and exchange offices. This limitation, as experts believe, was caused by queues at the points of currency exchange, which greatly contribute to the rumors about the intentions of the Turkmen government to devalue the national currency - manat. At the moment, the official exchange rate in the country is 3.5 Turkmen manat per one US dollar.