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The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov believes that it’s necessary to create an institution of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) in the republic, which would effectively counter the tyranny of government officials. He said this in his speech in the Parliament, noting the need to further improve the protection of human rights and freedoms by independent institutions. According to G.


In the course of the extended meeting of the Government of the Republic held in the capital of Turkmenistan the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov set the task to increase production of natural gas from bringing it to the level of at least 83.8 billion cubic meters per year. At the same time, he said, more than half of "blue fuel" produced, or about 48 billion cubic meters will be exported to foreign countries. Recall that Turkmen natural gas is currently exported to China, Russia and Iran.



Beginning from January 1 of this year, retail prices for gasoline of all grades, as well as diesel fuel in Turkmenistan have been raised. So, now a liter of RON95 gasoline will cost the owner of a vehicle 1 manat, and one liter of RON92 - 0.94 manat. Recall that at the end of last year one liter of 95-octane gasoline was 0.62 manat, and one liter of 92-octane gasoline - 0.58 manat. As noted in the local media, it was done in the framework of the gradual transition to price regulation in the energy sector by market methods.



On Monday, December 29 the new law "On legal regulation of the Internet development and Internet services in the country", published in the national press, entered into force in Turkmenistan.


The largest in the country shopping and entertainment center "Berkarar", which occupies a total area of ​​17.5 hectares, opened in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who made a short welcoming speech. As noted, the total area of ​​the new shopping center is 140 thousand square meters and it includes more than 340 stores, with different profiles of activity.



During the regular meeting of the Turkmen parliament deputies of the supreme legislative body of the republic adopted a package of laws. One of the most important of them was the law "On Subsoil", which regulates the legal and other matters arising in the course of geological study, use and protection of the Earth's interior, as well as mining.


Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov called Russia and China the main strategic partners of his country. This statement was made by the head of the state during his speech before the representatives of the national diplomatic corps. According to him, Turkmenistan and China are thrown together by strategic cooperation and close friendship.


On Friday, December 5 a passenger ferry of RO-PAX class, intended for maritime transport of passengers, cars and other vehicles, which was built in Croatia, arrived at the port of a coastal town Turkmenbashi in Turkmenistan. This is stated in the report of the Government of the Republic, where it is also noted that the vessel was built in the Croatian town of Pula, in a local shipyard ULJANIK. An ordering customer of the new ferry, called "Berkarar" is a public service of river and sea transport of Turkmenistan.



On Sunday, November 30 the national holiday – the Harvest Day was celebrated in Turkmenistan, after which public events were held throughout the country. For example, in the capital Ashgabat a center of celebration was an equestrian center, where, in particular, the best machine operators, tenants, breeders, scientists, agronomists, and other specialists of the agrarian sector, who made worthy contributions to the development of agriculture of the republic, were honored. According to tradition, the harvest festival marks the end of the current crop year.



On Wednesday, November 26, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the Centre of national satellite system control built on the territory of Akhal region. This was reported in the press service of the head of the state, which noted that during the visit the President watched a special demonstrating the steps of creating a satellite, as well as the principles of the Centre’s operation.