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On January 19, the central building of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan hosted a reporting meeting devoted to the results of the activities of the republic's oil and gas industry in 2016. This event was participated by Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan Yagshigeldy Kakaev, experts and heads of the state concerns, such as “Turkmenoil,” “Turkmengaz,” “Turkmenneftegazstroy,” the State Corporation “Turkmengeologia,” as well as the oil and gas research institute.


On January 16, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the city of Turkmenbashi in Balkan Province to inspect the construction site of the International seaport. According to the government press service, the total construction cost of the new port will exceed half a billion dollars. The total construction time is 3.5 years; the project will be completed in December 2017.



Turkmenistan has started filling the major pipeline “East – West” with natural gas. In the very near future, the gas will be delivered to consumers in Balkan and Ahal provinces of the country. To date, the 150-kilometer section “Shatlyk – Tejan – Kaka” has successfully passed the hydraulic tests. According to representatives of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan, the high reliability of the pipeline was also confirmed at its western section “Gumdag – Belek.”



The Turkmen Central Election Commission has completed the registration of candidates for the post of president of the country. As reported by the local media January 18, nine candidates will ultimately compete for the highest office. Worth recalling, the presidential election will be held in Turkmenistan on February 12, 2017.



As a result of 2016, Turkmenistan recorded a 6.2 percent growth in the national GDP. In particular, the growth rate was 1.2 percent in the industrial sector, 11.6 percent in the agricultural sector, 4.4 percent in construction, 10.5 percent in transport and communications, and 10 percent in the services sector. Deputy Prime Minister Byashimmyrat Hodzhamammedov, who is the curator of the financial and economic sector, announced these results during the recent Ashgabat-based meeting of the Turkmen government.



After lengthy negotiations, Turkmenistan and Georgia came to an agreement on the resumption of the transit of Turkmen oil through the Georgian territory. The parties signed a three-year agreement, which envisages that half a million tons of oil can be annually transported via the Georgian railway corridor. General Director of “Caspian Transit” Rati Gvamberiya and Director of “Georgia Transit” (a subsidiary of the JSC “Georgia Railway”) David Chiradze reported this information during the recent press conference.



In Turkmenistan, plans are afoot to actively develop the electronics industry, as reported by local media. With the assistance of the Ministry of Industry, the Union of Industrialists, the Academy of Sciences and representatives of business, there have been developed projects for construction of a number of factories specializing in production of various kinds of electronics.


In Turkmenistan, plans are afoot to transform the air transport enterprise “Turkmenistan Airlines” of the State National Service into a public company. According to the press service of the government, the Air Code of the country is based on a new concept of civil aviation activities. Inter alia, it envisages establishment and consolidation of market relations in the aviation, as well as formation of a civilized market of air transportation.



In the near future, Turkmenistan intends to begin development of the promising “North Goturdepe” oil field that is located on the Caspian Sea shelf. A number of Turkmen media reported the news, citing the words of Deputy Prime Minister Yagshigeldi Kakaev. During the first meeting of the Turkmen government in 2017, the official noted that the findings indicate the presence of rich hydrocarbon reserves in the “North Goturdepe” field. In this regard, the state concern “Turkmenneft” created a project for development of this field.



The volume of bilateral trade between Turkmenistan and China has decreased over the past two years, which was caused by the ongoing global economic crisis. Chinese ambassador in Ashgabat Sun Weidong made this statement in an interview with representatives of a local newspaper. According to the materials dedicated to the 25th anniversary of establishment of the Turkmen-Chinese diplomatic relations, the Chinese diplomat noted the volume of bilateral trade amounted to about $4.5 million in 1992, and in 2013 the figure exceeded $10 billion.