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A new main international TAPI gas pipeline, which will run through four Central Asian countries - Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, will cost the participants of this project about 7.6 billion dollars. The news was announced by a representative of the Ministry of natural gas and oil in India, who noted that this figure was specified as a preliminary assessment in the feasibility study of the project.


In the Turkmen capital Ashgabat, the President of the Republic Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held talks with the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani, who arrived on an official visit. In a series of meetings held in the format of "one on one" the leaders of the two countries as well as the extended delegation discussed issues related to the development of cooperation between Turkmenistan and Iran in political, economic, trade, humanitarian and cultural spheres.



In Turkmenistan the President of the Republic Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed a new law, which allows as from 1 July this year, to conduct peaceful events - demonstrations, rallies, etc. The news was reported on Wednesday, March 1, by local media, which noted that the purpose of this Act was to implement the constitutional right of citizens to assemble peacefully, to hold various public events - rallies, meetings, demonstrations, etc. while ensuring public safety during such activities.



From March 4 to 5 the Turkish capital Istanbul hosted the International Investment Forum of Turkmenistan, which was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic in cooperation with the Turkish-Turkmen Business Council.


Turkmenistan is able to provide European markets with required volumes of natural gas, taking into account its rather significant gas reserves and opportunities for the development of the infrastructure of the main pipelines. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and the oil and gas industry of the republic, which was published on Monday, 2 of March.


Ashgabat hosted the bilateral Turkmen-Iranian Business Forum, dedicated to the expansion of fruitful cooperation between the two countries. According to local media, the event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Turkmenistan in collaboration with the Embassy of Iran. The meeting of representatives of business circles held in the capital focused on the specification of the most profitable areas of mutual trade and economic cooperation.



In 2015, Russia "once again without a reasonable basis reported its intention to reduce volumes of natural gas purchased in Turkmenistan from 11 to 4 billion cubic meters a year." This statement was made in the article by Annadurda Meretgeldiev – the Deputy Director of the Institute of Oil and Gas, which is a part of the state company "Turkmengaz". The article itself was published on Monday, February 16 on the official website of the government of the republic.


On Saturday, February 7, in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat, at the palace "Mekan" a working meeting was held, which was attended by heads of several ministries and departments, representatives of the Municipality of Ashgabat and deputies of the national parliament of the republic. The event was dedicated to a discussion of measures aimed at implementing the concept for the development of the capital over the next two years, which had previously been set by the head of state, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov.


The Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Uzbek capital Tashkent hosted a briefing "Turkmenistan's neutral status as a factor of peace and constructive cooperation." During the event, it was noted that this year in Turkmenistan the "Year of neutrality and peace" was declared, which is associated with the 20th anniversary of the UN General Assembly resolution "Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan" No. № 50/80 from December 12, 1995.


During the regular meeting of the Government of Turkmenistan the President of the Republic Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave an order to perform a detailed analysis of the situation, which to date has developed in the global economy. The news was reported on Saturday, January 31 by the State Information Service "Turkmen Dovlet khabarlary", who noted that the President also pointed to the need of taking appropriate measures to prevent negative processes in the economy.