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According to the warning published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, young citizens of the republic under the age of 20 can no longer go to entertainment venues after 6:00 PM. In case of violation of this prohibition, their parents will be liable. The range of prohibited places includes restaurants, internet cafes and bookmaker's offices.



The Committee for Emergency Situations of Tajikistan addressed the citizens of the republic, urging them to comply with the precautionary measures due to the further deterioration of the weather conditions in the country. According to the report of the Agency for Hydro-Meteorology, on November 23-26, Tajikistan should expect a significantly increase in snowfall, as well as a decrease of air temperature. The forecasters associate these processes with the general cold snap, which is due to the arrival of the Siberian cyclone that spread throughout Central Asia in late November.


Last week, there took place the official closing of the last madrassahs of Tajikistan, which had actually stopped working since three years before. Currently, experts express concerns suggesting that the cessation of training in these religious schools will force theology to go underground, as it happened during the Soviet times, when the so-called “teahouses” flourished in the republic.


According to official information, now one can receive basic religious education in the country only in the gymnasium at the Islamic Institute.



Near the walls of the ancient fortress Ichan Kala, an event that attracts gourmets is taking place in Khiva. Over one hundred farmers have delivered tons of famous Khorezm melons to this citadel. According to the festival organizers, it should attract the attention of tourists and increase the volume of export of local agricultural products to other countries.



Tajik President Emomali Rahmon congratulated the citizens of the Republic on Victory Day, as reported by the official website of the head of state. In his address on the occasion of this significant event, he noted that May 9 is a historic date, a triumph of justice, the victory over fascism and over the world evil. According to him, the war left its mark on each family; it was participated by hundreds of thousands of Tajiks who showed a “truly unprecedented heroism.”



In 2015, the number of marriages concluded in Tajikistan decreased by almost 20 percent, which is explained very simply: for many grooms the wedding costs have become absolutely beyond purse. In other words, the main reason for the decrease in the number of marriages is the ongoing financial crisis, which is primarily associated with a sharp decline in the volume of remittances by migrant workers. According to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, earlier, more than one million citizens of Tajikistan worked in Russia every year.


Over the last four months, the welfare of citizens of Tajikistan has fallen by 27 percent, as stated in the new WB research titled “Evaluation of the welfare of households of Tajikistan,” which is regularly conducted four times per year. The current study covered the period November 2015 – February 2016. During the reporting period the country witnessed a decrease in the number of employed people, and in the volume of remittances, which are the only source of income for many families of Tajikistan.



Navruz is a universal cultural festival widely celebrated in many countries around the world; it does not imply any politicization. President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon made this statement in his speech at the international symposium of writers who had arrived in Dushanbe from countries where Nowruz is celebrated. “Navruz is related neither to any religion, nor to the Islamic madhhab. It is a cultural holiday that combines peaceful rites and traditions.


On March 1, the World Bank started the practical implementation of the project aimed at developing the higher education system of Tajikistan. According to First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic, it will be the first project that aims to develop the country's higher education and is implemented in collaboration with international development partners. “We hope that this project will make it possible to implement reforms at the system and institutional levels in order to increase the level of demand for education and qualification in the labor market.


Currently, more than 57 percent of Tajikistan's population have access to clean drinking water. CEO of the state unitary enterprise “Housing and Communal Services” Alimurod Islomzoda made this statement during the second meeting of the interdepartmental working group for improvement of water supply. According to him, over the past two years, the water supply situation has slightly improved in the country, and the measures taken have allowed to improve the population's access to clean drinking water by 10 percent (from 47 to 57 percent).