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This year, the special services of the CIS countries will hold large-scale exercises, the purpose of which is to identify recruiters of terrorists in the social networks, as well as various emissaries of international terrorist organizations. The news was announced by head of the Antiterrorist Center of the Commonwealth, Colonel General Andrei Novikov at the tenth meeting of the heads of national anti-terrorist centers of the CIS countries.


The Tajik authorities are looking for investors that could invest funds in the completion of the country's largest Rogun HPP. In recent years, two Persian Gulf countries have been considered as possible candidates: Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Besides hydropower, experts note the investment potential of other sectors of the economy, such as metallurgy, mining, agriculture and construction.



Currently, Tajikistan is implementing a project aimed at promoting development of the land market. According to the press service of the US Embassy in the country, the cost of the project is $9.7 million, and its completion is scheduled for August 2020. The opening ceremony of the project was participated by chairman of the State Committee for Geodesy and Land Management of Tajikistan Rajabboi Ahmadzoda, representatives of the government and the parliament of the republic, as well as the US Embassy.



The Russian company Gazprom International has notified the Tajik authorities in writing about the downscaling of the geological exploration works in the territory of the Sarikamis field. The local media reported the news was announced on February 9, noting that there is a confirmation on the part of head of the Main Geology Administration under the Government of the Republic Murod Hall. The latter also said that “Gazprom” allegedly has not justified such a decision.



The deputies of the Parliament of Tajikistan have proposed to introduce a mandatory procedure of entering into marriage contracts in the country. They put forwards this initiative in response to numerous complaints from women about the fact that they often remain without a livelihood, which is happening against the background of deteriorating living standards and the growth in the number of divorces. The proposal was submitted to the Parliament in November 2016, as one of the amendments to the existing family legislation.



The Russian government has allocated a financial assistance in the amount of $6.6 million for development the school meal service in Tajikistan. The money will be provided to the country in the period 2017-2019. These funds will be used for development and implementation of the project for organization of the sustainable school meal service. The corresponding order has been published by the Russian government on the official portal of legal information on the Internet. In accordance with this document, in 2017, plans are afoot to allocate up to $1.1 million.


In 2017, Tajikistan intends to increase the production of primary aluminum by almost 40 percent in comparison with the 2016 figure. According to Minister of Trade and Economic Development Negmatullo Hikmatullozoda, in physical terms, “TALCO” (“Tajik Aluminum Company”) plans to produce 179,000 tons of primary aluminum in 2017. As reasons for the 2016 decline in output of primary aluminum, he mentioned the “negative market conditions.”



Tajik President Emomali Rahmon and First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov discussed the issues related to labor migration. In particular, the subject of their discussion was the preparation and signing of a new package of agreements in the near future. The said documents are aimed at strengthening the social and legal protection of Tajik labor migrants working in Russia.


In 2017, Tajikistan will allocate TJS1.7 billion for construction of the Rogun hydroelectric power plant, which is TJS200 million less than in 2016. First Deputy Minister of Finance Jamshed Karimzoda announced the news on January 27, adding that all the allocated funds in the amount of TJS1.9 billion have been spent in full. As for the violations of the timing of the payment of wages to builders, the Finance Ministry representative suggested that these delays can occur in regard of the additional, previously agreed work.



Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are currently negotiating on the possibility of building a new rail passenger route to Russia through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. According to representatives of the railway structures of the two countries, it will accelerate the process of passenger transportation, while reducing the length of the path for them.