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Science & Technology, Kyrgyzstan


On the night of May 14-15, analogue television was shut down across the larger part of Kyrgyzstan. According to the press service of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, the current event means the complete refusal from the further use of analogue broadcasting with the transition to digital television.


Kyrgyzstan has every chance to join the Council of the International Telecommunication Union at the plenipotentiary conference of this organization, which will be held in summer 2018. The press service of the State Committee for Communications and Information Technology of the republic reported the news on March 21, referring to the results of the meeting of Bakyt Sharshembiev, the head of this structure, and Farida Dzhi Chakharini, the secretary-general of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Indonesia.


Bishkek has hosted the meeting of representatives of the competent authorities of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in the sphere of the Internet services, as well as providers of the two countries. Its aim was to settle a number of issues related to the joint tariff policy. From the Kyrgyz side, this event was participated by the State Agency for Antimonopoly Regulation under the Government of Kyrgyzstan and the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications. The Republic of Kazakhstan was represented by the Association of the country's telecom operators.


The Russian “United Instrument Making Corporation,” which is part of the State Corporation “Rostec,” will equip the airport of Kyrgyzstan with navigation equipment designed to provide round-the-clock landings convenience for aircraft of different types, even in cases of poor visibility.


As of May 2016, the level of digital TV coverage in Kyrgyzstan amounted to 85 percent. According to the data provided by the JSC “RPO RMTR,” three of the four implementation phases of the program for introduction of digital television broadcasting in the republic have been completed to date. After completion of the fourth phase on July 31, the digital TV coverage will reach 95 percent, as reported by the press service of the Ministry of Culture.



Scientists of Kyrgyzstan and Russia have started preparations for a new joint archaeological expedition, which, according to the preliminary plans, will take place in the area of the Lake Issyk-Kul in July 2016. According to professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences Boris Konikov, the expedition will obtain the material for a more detailed reconstruction of the history of many of the Turkic peoples, as well as the process of formation of the Kyrgyz statehood in the Middle Ages.



Representatives of Russian investors have suggested creation of a Kyrgyzstan-based joint venture that will specialize in assembly of small planes (2- and 4-seat). During the round table “Russia – Kyrgyzstan: the current state and prospects for further development of bilateral economic cooperation,” Deputy Director General for External Economic and International Relations of the International Centre for Electronics and Informatics “InterEVM” Vyacheslav Vasyagin made this statement.


Russia has transferred to Kyrgyzstan a free-of-charge batch of military vehicles, as reported by the press service of the General Staff of the Republic on February 11. Kyrgyzstan received a number of fully-equipped armored vehicles BTR-70M, as well as computer equipment for interactive training of drivers and mechanics. All of these military assets were given to Kyrgyzstan “in the framework of the bilateral military and technical cooperation.”



At present, only a quarter of Kyrgyzstan's population has access to the Internet and only about 20 percent of the country's citizens are users of the World Wide Web. These figures are stated in a study of the Internet Society entitled “Evaluation of the Internet environment of Kyrgyzstan.” The said organization is one of the leading international non-governmental organizations in the field of ensuring network availability. Every year it carries out a comprehensive study of the global Internet environment, and rarely – a study in a certain country.


On Wednesday, November25, the Minister of Labour and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan Kudaibergen Bazarbaev discussed with the GIZ project manager Agnes Vollshleger issues related to the automation of labor market services. The news was reported in the press service of the agency, where it was noted that the automation of the labor market would allow the creation of a database of employers and the unemployed, automated reporting of services and the analysis of their quality.