Traditions of the Kyrgyz people were being formed with the help of economic, trade, domestic and other relations with kindred and other tribes that were closely related to the geography of their ha...

After the coup of 19 March 1953 in the socio-political history of Iran there were fundamental changes: the powers of parliament were limited and the absolute power of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was...

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran are two countries that claim to leadership in the region. With a powerful resources and political potential these countries are the...

Middle East


By Aset Askarov
Al-Qaeda. For the whole humankind this organization and its leader Osama bin Laden long ago became an established symbol of evil and horror.


By Atay Moldobayev
The bilateral relations between Turkey and Israel go back as long as 1949 — right after Israel appeared on the international political arena. Although Turkey was the first Muslim country to establish diplomatic relations with Tel-Aviv, today these relations are rather tense and contradictory.


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called on the Israelis and Palestinians to restart peace talks immediately.

The plea came at a joint media conference with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He said: ‘‘The simple fact is this: We are willing to engage in peace talks immediately without preconditions. The other fact is that, unfortunately, the other side is not.’‘

Earlier, Clinton also held a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

In Abu Dhabi, Abbas made it clear peace talks would not resume until Israel stopped building settlements.