Traditions of the Kyrgyz people were being formed with the help of economic, trade, domestic and other relations with kindred and other tribes that were closely related to the geography of their ha...

After the coup of 19 March 1953 in the socio-political history of Iran there were fundamental changes: the powers of parliament were limited and the absolute power of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was...

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran are two countries that claim to leadership in the region. With a powerful resources and political potential these countries are the...


Currently, a number of politicians in Washington urge America to unleash another war against Iran. This happens against the background of two wars, grueling for the USA and their economy, in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have been lasting for more than 10 years.


The Turkish Grand National Assembly's providing the armed forces with a mandate to carry out the trans-boundary operations against Syria after the recent incidents on the border of the two countries were perceived by various political forces inside Turkey ambiguously.

Thus, the largest opposition Republican People's Party considers a mandate for trans-boundary operations, as the involvement of Turkey into the war. At the same time, the Nationalist Movement Party said that the parliamentary decision is very important and timely.


Foreign policy - is a set of approaches and methods taken by the relevant structures of the particular state in its relations with other states or international organizations to achieve specific objectives identified as national interests of the state. The foreign policy pursued by a particular country may be the result of initiatives of this country or the retaliatory action against another country's initiatives.


In early January the official Iranian sources reported about the end of ten-day large-scale naval exercises called "Velayat-90". They were held at the Straits of Hormuz, which is geographically the only way out into the open ocean from the Persian Gulf, and therefore it has a strategic importance. According to various estimates about 40% of sea-exports of petroleum and petroleum products, among which are active consumers - Europe and the USA, are transported through the transit corridor.


"In 2023 Turkey will be more effective and influential in the international arena, will improve its relationship with the maximum of the neighboring countries, the country will enter the top ten largest economies in the world"
R. T. Erdoğan


The U.S. military air base in the capital airport "Manas" was opened in Kyrgyzstan after the terrorist attacks on shopping centers in New York in autumn of 2001. Americans convinced everyone that they were going to fight terrorism around the world, namely "Al-Qaeda" and its allies.


It’s known that for quite a long time so-called "Afghan issue" is the focus of several scientific conferences, symposia, "round tables", but any serious and effective results haven’t been achieved. The situation in Afghanistan was a critical one and it remains so to this day.


The changes, taking place in the world arena at the beginning of the XXI century, forced the states of the world to reconsider its attitude to the world, and in particular to foreign policy. Economic globalization and liberalization of the principles and rules of the world trade had a tremendous impact on the domestic life and on the international situation in many countries, the objects of international politics. Policy in foreign trade should be one of the main directions of the foreign policy.


Tough Western sanctions are forcing Iran to take drastic action and shut off wells at its vast oilfields, sinking production to levels last seen over two decades ago and costing Tehran billions in lost revenues, Reuters reported.

Iran struggled to sell its oil in the run-up to the European Union ban on July 1, yet it managed to sustain oilfield flows at lofty rates above 3 million barrels per day (bpd) by stashing unwanted barrels in tanks on land and on ships in the Gulf.


It’s clear that in the definition of democracy by ancient politicians in the statement that people are the arbiter of policy, and also in the modern definition of democracy that is based on the concept of "right", you can find a reflection of the reality of living in two historical periods that are different from each other. Despite all the sympathy for these definitions, some political systems based on these concepts, according to the will of the majority of people made serious mistakes and blunders.