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Do Not Rewrite Our History

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 16:02

In April, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov is to visit Moscow.


Now it is high time to remember and comprehend the historical ties that exist between the peoples of Uzbekistan and Russia. At this point, we should recall the unique moment of history: martial and ceremonial helmets of the Russian princes, including Alexander Nevsky, were made in Samarkand and decorated with Arabic script.


Speaking about the Soviet period, so many facts come to mind that the closeness of our histories is out of question! The Great Patriotic War. A trying ordeal for the entire Soviet people. The war, which no family in the Soviet Union managed to escape. There is probably no family who did not receive a certificate accolade. And Uzbekistan's contribution to the cause of national defense cannot be overestimated! A number of enterprises were evacuated to Tashkent. Speaking about evacuation of the population, we must bow low to the people of Uzbekistan. Living from hand to mouth, Uzbeks shared the last piece of bread with the evacuees. Some families sheltered up to 12 evacuated children under their roof!


Historical memory is a strange thing. A people has a shared historical memory. And it's always objective. But as for politicians – especially nationalistic ones – their historical memory is selective. And it is typical for their cohorts on both sides. So the idea comes to mind to forget the absolutely monstrous consequences of the 1966 earthquake in Tashkent. Then, the Soviet republics rebuilt the city. And the main contribution into the reconstruction was made by Russia.


Worth remembering is also the contribution made by Russia in development of the economy of Uzbekistan. Its contribution to establishment and development of industries and to construction of giant enterprises must not be downplayed. It is suffice to mention the aircraft factory, the mines and factories. And speaking about health care, there is still a Russian school that specialized in training personnel in vaccination, clinical examination, etc. All the secular educational institutions were established with participation of the RSFSR.


Our historical links are so deep that they may be denied only by either an ignorant man or a pseudo politician from Russia, who calls to introduction of visas rather than to integration with Uzbekistan or restoration the entire spectrum of relations. And this occurs at the time when Uzbek citizens work at the most difficult and low-paying jobs in Russia! Time will judge them. Time will put everything in its place.


The examples are around us. The wise international policy of the Uzbek president has helped to keep the Savitsky State Museum of Arts in Nukus open for visitors. The museum has the greatest collection of works by Russian avant-garde artists. It is an example worthy of respecting and following.


History and the today's situation illustrate the consequences of a policy pursuing the goal of breaking historical ties. Unfortunately, Ukraine and its present economic potential are a negative example. The roots of what is happening in Ukraine can easily be found. It suffices to recall the Maidan and foreign emissaries distributing biscuits among the strikers. It is no secret for anyone where the initiators of this coup and of the vicious anti-Russian policy were coming from. One has but to recall the role of various foreign foundations and NGOs, which have intensified their activities in Ukraine and are trying to become more active in the CIS. The role of foreign special services should not be belittled either.


Hence, the following conclusion can be made. It is high time for us to fully restore our historical ties in all spheres. These ties are backed by the many centuries of our friendship. President Karimov's visit to Moscow must be seen as an impetus to this process that meets the interests of every citizen of both Uzbekistan and Russia.

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