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The Turkish Gambit

Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 21:37

They're not on speaking terms over art. From now on, the relationship between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be described with these words. The thing to blame is the hardly talented and barely funny satire on the head of Turkey, which German comedian Ian Bemermann took the liberty of doing while on the air of the “ZDF” TV company.


Based on this story, one can draw at least two interesting conclusions: the first is, the Turkish leader prefers to view specific German entertainment TV programs rather than specific German films; the second is, Erdogan is a person of very delicate mental organization and vulnerable reputation.


The world community was quick to share their opinions regarding those who believe that comedians are obliged to transform the sad into the funny (for which they have different constitutional freedoms) and... regarding Erdogan's government. The latter relished the news about the personal request of the Turkish President to the German prosecutor's office, in which he promises to definitely leave out in the cold Angela Merkel (if not Bemermann himself). Like, she will have to once again see for herself that the freedom of the German fist ends where the freedom of the Turkish nose begins.


As for the number of criminal cases initiated on the basis of insults toward President Erdogan, it is hard to compete with Turkey. Since the beginning of his presidency, almost 2,000 such cases have already been initiated. “Reporters without Borders” have already appreciated the record by placing Turkey into the 149th position out of 180 countries in the 2015 press freedom ranking. The piquancy of the current situation lies in an escalation of tensions between the two powers that have so graciously agreed on the issue of Syrian refugees.


This “consensus” has already cost Merkel the loss of reputation of an adequate politician. The unequal marriage in which the Bosphorus gigolo coveted money of the European elderly lady has caused a condemnation on the part of not only grumpy bureaucrats in the European Parliament, but also open-minded citizens of the EU. Therefore, the movement of those disgruntled Angela Merkel, which had gained a pretty good momentum by then, slightly slowed down in anticipation of a response to Erdogan's outburst.


Remembering Uncle Sam's lessons that the slogan “For freedom of speech” can be used to cover any crimes, Merkel confidently stated that Germany has fundamental values: freedom of opinion, freedom of science and freedom of art, which are not subject discussion. This statement is a credit to the German Chancellor, who does not have her own freedom of speech, but zealously protects someone else's.


It is not known when Merkel gave up her right to freedom of speech; however, recently her pro-American views began to annoy the CDU party members, Germans and EU citizens, who do not understand why she needs to shout about the US in Europe?


In Europe, everyone knows that the United States unleashed the conflict in the Middle East, which became the beginning of the end of the EU's well-being. That well-fed and rich Europe is still the subject of nightmares overseas strategists. That the integration of nuclear power – Russia – into the European space would allow to avoid the present dangerous confrontation; the more so in the post-Soviet years the level of cooperation and economic openness of the Russian Federation has reached its historic maximum.


Despite the public opinion and open accusations, Merkel continues hopelessly playing an iron lady, because she can neither correct nor affect anything. The script of her play has already been written, and the dollar fees have been paid. Therefore, this bad actress will not disappear from the stage until dragged by legs.


The US has always sought to weaken Europe. If Merkel were not a physicist but a historian, she would remembered the 1920s, when the United States choked European countries, capturing resources and large-scale industrial enterprises. A strong Europe is not part of the US plans; a strong Europe that cooperates with Russia is even more out of these plans.


Merkel was dragged into power at a time when mutual sympathy of Germany and Russia fueled by previous chancellors Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder have grown into a strong sense of solidarity and mutual economic interest.


That's when the services of ambitious Merkel who was dreaming the American dream came handy. She had not learned the lessons of prudence her pastor father gave her.


How will the Plasticine lady go down in the history of Germany? As the one who destroyed the foundations of European tolerance and prosperity, who allowed herself to be manipulated in the interests of the overseas lobbies? The events happening at her will are called the collapse of humanity, which is going to be more terrible than the financial crisis.


“Mother” Merkel, as she has been dubbed by the media, is motivated not by her love for people of other faiths, but by her sense of duty to the directors behind the scenes. Instead of supporting the efforts aimed at stabilization of the situation in Syria, which would be a natural way of cutting off the flow of refugees, Merkel shows girlish fears: she is “scared” and “horrified” by the military operations of the pro-government forces. So, the question by a Bundestag deputy whether she really believes that the death under the American, British or French bombs with the support of the German “Tornado” is less painful remains unanswered.


Is German President Joachim Gauk very wrong, arguing that the country has divided into two parts: “Bright Germany” – the country of mercy and compassion, and “Dark Germany” of hatred and xenophobia. Mrs. Merkel personally became the catalyst for this split. Who has included a program of self-destruction into the state policy she pursues? What have the sanctions against Russia that have been a blow to the German business led to? What will be the result of Germany's accommodation (at the bases in Büchel and Rammstein) of nuclear bombs that threaten to destroy not the US, but entire Europe? Who has given the former Komsomol activist the right to lead a double game with her own country, leading Europe a dance?


The fake caring for refugees is not the only reason Merkel's ratings have fallen. Back in 2010, Germany's Parliament demanded to remove all the US nuclear weapons from the country. However, the chancellor did not allowed it, thus transforming the most powerful country into a weak-willed performer of the will of the United States and a testing ground for the US geopolitical scenarios.


One of the scenarios would be creating of a conflict between the two NATO allies, Germany and Turkey, which will make both parties accommodating. The rivalry between the two countries promises to obtain a special urgency when Turkey becomes a member of the EU in the future. According to the executive principle, Ankara will receive one-third of all the seats, which means the EU will be joining Turkey, not vice versa.


The “satirical scandal” surrounding Erdogan is another strong point in favor of the Turkish leader, because the main opponents of Turkey's accession to the EU was Merkel, and she names the lack of freedom of speech in Turkey as the main obstacle. Now she has to make the most difficult choice: either to crush “the main principle of democracy,” or to expose herself to Erdogan's blow. As you can see, this is a very critical moment, and every provocation counts. Therefore, fearing for his life, poor humorist Bemermann requested to be protected by police.


In such a way, a discreet satirist became the most protected man in Germany. After all, if a brick is accidentally dropped on his head, the planet will not just lose one comedian; there will be one more fragile conflict that involve states and continents.

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