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What Is Happening in Gaza?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - 10:11

Israel has always accounted for all its military conflicts with Arabian countries by saying that it was a required for national security. It was also the case during the war with Lebanon in 1982. However, can it justify what is happening in Gaza now? Even Pan Gi Mun, the UN Secretary General, who is usually very reserved in any statement concerning the great powers and their allies, joined the appeal for Israel to bear all the responsibility for what the country has done in Palestine.
Experts believe that Israel’s current military operation in Gaza differs from similar operations by the highly increased number of casualties among the civilians. The correlation “one Israeli to a hundred Palestinians” prevents many commentators from calling the Gaza campaign a war between Israel and Palestine.
Israel insists that this operation results from the right for protection. Israeli opponents call this operation a massacre and crime against humanity.
In all the previous operations performed by Tsahal in Palestine territories and also against other neighboring countries, such accusations primarily came from Arab countries that took a very radical position towards Israel often denying this country a right to exist. Confrontation of Israel and Arabs was mainly a conflict between the countries. The six day war of 1967 was perceived by the world community as a war between the states in which the key participants were the military forces.
Everything started to change during the time of the war with Lebanon in 1982. The world remembered it by a great number of victims among the civilian population and a slaughter in the Muslim villages Sabra and Shatila. In the result Israel occupied Eastern Lebanon, but left the territory in 1998. In 2006 in the confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah civil population was involved which made this war special among similar conflicts. Today the operation in the Gaza Strip became the outcome of the prolonged work performed by Israel in the field of deforming the world community’s perception of military actions with the use of force against the civil population and not against the state or military forces. Israel used mass media and diplomacy to present the conflict under a different angle. The problem of the use of force against the civil population, and not the state, was not even set. The problem was presented differently: whether the use of force on the part of Israel was “proportional” or not.
National security issues that Israel continues insisting on trying to justify the eradication of the civil population in Gaza cannot be accepted as the main argument of the sefense. Studying the situation in Palestine, we can say that Hamas was prepared for a more prolonged cessation of arms period than the one that was concluded between the administration of this party and the government of Israel on June 19, 2008. It was Hamas that suggested prolongation of the cessation of arms period for 10 more years. In fact the cessation of arms was not disrupted by a rocket launched by the Hamas military forces, as Israel insists, but by the air strike of the Israeli Air Force on November 4 last year, which resulted in the death of six Hamas members in the Gaza Strip. It all resulted in a large-scale military operation performed by Israel in Gaza. Thus, as experts assert, the question whether the use of force was proportional is irrelevant. Speaking about the events in Gaza we should set the question whether the use of force on the part of Israel was justified at all, as there was no self defense because Israel was never attacked. It is the use of military force against the civil population. There is a strong need for a juridical estimate of Israeli military aggression in Palestine.
Avigdor Liberman, current Minister for Foreign Affairs of Israel, insists on the Israeli point of view and justifies all the military activities in Gaza. Liberman, who was accused of bribery, fraud and the beating of a 12-year-old boy, is now trying to annihilate all the past efforts of the world community targeted at the establishment of peace in Palestine. Visiting Russia with the Israeli delegation in 2003 Liberman declared in an interview to the Nezavisimaya Gazeta: “The UNO has proved to be the most anti-Israeli forum which every year takes anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic decisions. It comes to calling Zionism racism. We do not trust the UNO. We would not like to depend of Kofi Annan in the solution of our conflict.”
In the opinion of experts, Libarman chooses the way that can take all the Western and American Jews only to a dead end. Supporting Israel, they cannot support Libarman who actually breaks everything that America in the face of Obama tries to do in the Middle East. All the analysts agree that the solution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is the key factor that will determine the decrease in the anti-American attitude in the world and particularly in its Arab and Muslim part. Another important part of the problem is armament and ammunition assistance and economic aid that the USA has always provided for Israel. In April this year the US Department of State expressed its concern about the statement of Israeli Minister for Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman who negated all the agreements with the Palestinians reached at the conference in American Annapolis in 2007. Palestinian administration and Israeli opposition that joined it understood this statement as a threat to peace and, as it turned out, were not mistaken as there is practically no peace in Palestine. The continuing military operation in Gaza keeps on taking lives of the civilians among the Palestinian population.
It should also be mentioned that the civil population eradication in Gaza was preceded by a punitive blockade that lasted for a year and a half and lead this part of Palestine to humanitarian catastrophe which is in fact a first-rate blunder of the international law. Bringing the population to psychological attenuation, diseases and starvation, Israel started a wide-range military operation in Gaza. In the opinion of a number of experts, during the operation a lot of children, women and elderly people were refused to leave the territory of Gaza. Only two hundred wives of the local Arabs were allowed to leave the territory of the conflict, and all of them were not ethnic Palestinians which directly points at the national aspect of the confrontation. During the military action the wounded were not provided with medical aid and emergency services were not allowed to perform their duties properly. Around 20 cases are known to the public when Israeli forces opened fire at the children and women who walked with the white flag.
The Israeli army struck civil objects during the operation.
There is information about the use of phosphorous bombs during air strikes in the residential area of Gaza. As Palestinian medical professionals state, Tsahal used in Palestine the new type of weapon called DIME. It can be supported by the fact that the bodies of many dead Palestinians found in the area were torn to pieces. The question whether the Israeli use of force was proportional or not is not relevant.
History knows cases when dictators and people accused of genocide and crimes against humanity faced the International Tribunal. People like Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic and Pinochet bore responsibility for their crimes. However, if we deal with the crimes and policy that lead to a great number of civilian victims, but its initiators are the first persons of the “great powers”, the issue remains open. The double standard policy will evidently always take place and the primary criterion of justice in the international law will be power and influence. It would be very hard to imagine an analog of the Nuremberg Trials in the XXI century with G. Bush or Ekhud Olmert on the dock.
At the same time the role of the UNO as in international law institution should not be underestimated or neglected as it was done by the USA during the war in Iraq or by Israel that keeps on breaching a number of the UNO resolutions. There is no doubt that America’s and Israel’s disregard towards the UNO is not an example to be followed by the rest of the world. Such position only increases the loss of confidence in these states in the international arena. Multiplying and complicating the diplomatic work, the US and Israel may drive to nil all the ways and means to reach peace in the Middle East. Catastrophic mistakes of the previous USA administration have lead to the decay of economies and infrastructures and death of people in many countries of the world. The world crisis makes the situation still worse. Obama and his administration target all the forces at the attempts to save the remnants of stability in international policy. On this background Israel carries out genocide in Palestine and ignoring everyone tries to reach its objective on the basis of its own sacral and semi-religious ideas outside any kind of logic, which breaks all the US and world community’s initiatives targeted at the solution of the Middle East problem. The law of the world is that everything has its limit. The only question remains when Israel will reach the red line when it will not be able to proceed with the diplomatic play in the international arena justifying genocide and depopulation.

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