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The USA Unleashing Genocide Against Armenia!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 12:26

Our attention was caught by the biological laboratories opened in Armenia in 2016 with the financial support of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under the US Department of Defense. The US government's documents on certain experiments in the sphere of biological hazards have been published on the Internet portal, which threatens to turn into a new scandal for Washington.


What have we managed to find out from the published documents? After all, in its recent statement, the US Embassy in Armenia made it clear and unambiguous that the Pentagon had nothing to do with the activities of the reference biological laboratories in the territory of Armenia. However, the facts speak of quite the contrary. According to the documents, certain structures associated with the US military department bear exclusive responsibility for organizing the activities of the biological facilities. The list of these structures includes the already mentioned DTRA (which is part of the Department of Security), the US Army Center for Engineering Research and Development, the Health Security Commission, and many others. You can have a look at the list yourself, as the documents are now available to the wide public. The staff of some of the involved departments also gives food for thoughts. Let's take a closer look at who is working in the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense and the Defender Project that involves developing security measures for the American “research” facilities.


Against the background of a star-striped flag, we see Colonel Brett Barraclough dressed in military uniform, who is the head of the program. According to the scheme, in addition to civilian personnel, the list of his subordinates includes two program managers in the rank of lieutenants of the US Army: Christopher Lackovic and John Bailey. Lackovic bears responsibility for “Elimination of Consequences” (don't you wonder what this includes?). And Bailey is in charge of the security systems. This shapes up in an interesting way. The document is labeled “classified” (secret) not for nothing. It does contain a lot of secrets.


According to the documents provided, these people are highly qualified military specialists in the sphere of building military security systems. The projects they have proposed remind the fortifications of an American military base in Afghanistan or Iraq rather than a civilian scientific institution. If you have any doubts, just have look at a schematic image of one of them.


Please note that there are both a “basic version” of the security system, and also an advanced one. Does it look like the usual way to ensure the security of scientists developing medicines for animals, and breeders creating new varieties of plants? The US embassy in Armenia does insist on such an advanced security system. After a thorough web search, we managed to find information regarding the external appearance and cost of the reference laboratory with the 3rd level of protection that was built by the French authorities in Tajikistan. More information is available on the Asia-Plus website. The difference is in evidence. Besides, its construction budget was three times as low. Military spending has always been the preserve of the rich.


Against this background, the overall financial reporting of the US biological programs brings no optimism either. The costs of the American biological projects have been growing year after year, and it seems nothing can stop this surge. Moreover, the monetary expenditures are tremendous; the US president hardly errs on the side of parsimony. For example, have a look at the most recent infographics. If you want to know more details, welcome to the archive. There's a lot of interesting information.


The network of laboratories in the countries of the former USSR is expanding by leaps and bounds. To see evidence to this, it suffices to have a look at the scheme of American specialists reporting to their superiors.


Despite the fact the scheme contains the 2015 data, it reflects the trend correctly. Over the past two years, the American agencies have managed to launch a network of laboratories in the territory of Ukraine, and also to acquire three laboratories in Armenia. Moreover, they do not intend to stop at what has been achieved. And Armenia seems to remain their priority. How come the USA have been demonstrating such zealousness in respect of the “Promised Land”? Is the Armenian Diaspora in the States so strong that it has forced Washington to fully assume all the costs of ensuring the country's biological security? It would be great to believe in good intentions, but the facts are stubborn, and they are indicative of a very different situation.


To explain its true reasons, let's return to the documents. They have it written in black and white: the work with virulent strains (which is what the Pentagon is working with) involves the danger of contamination of the population; there have been registered multiple cases of hazardous substance leakage. Knowing their rights, American citizens have clearly demonstrated to the authorities their unwillingness to be victims of the errors that periodically occur in the course of experiments. The authorities were quick to find a way out: they decided to take the dangerous experiments out of the country. Given the geopolitical ambitions of the United States in Europe and Asia, the CIS countries could not be better suited for the role of the new “test site.”


Someone may argue that these are mere speculations and fantasies. But journalists cannot afford such luxury, so we should again have a look at the available materials. Here, we see a letter signed by the President of the Commission for Security under the US Defense Health Board (DHB). It's addressed to the head of the Scientific Center for Food Security and Analysis, an Armenian state non-profit organization. In this letter, the American official asks (or even demands) the Armenian party to draw up the “right” report on the localization of the epidemic of foot and mouth disease in Lori Province by specialists of the laboratory. According to the official DHB website, this commission is a federal advisory body in the field of health security.


With that, the American official specifies cynically that the endemic disease was caused by a virus leak from the American “facility,” and people should be put at ease. Well, making sure that the population doesn't experience unnecessary stress is also a concern for their health, in a certain sense. So, we shall assume the Commission has coped with its task.


After such confessions, it wasn't a surprise to see the file containing the above-mentioned report on the laboratory's “heroic” struggle in countering the endemic disease, which was drawn up by the said non-governmental organization. It was presented at the First Eastern Eurasian Conference on Epidemiology and Performance of Laboratory Networks held in Georgia on September 18-20, 2017.


In this situation, Washington's actions are understandable. They are honest in defending their national and geopolitical interests, in protecting their citizens. However, it is simply impossible to understand the logic of the governmental public organization. Covering crimes (it's difficult to call these actions anything else) of a foreign state against its own people is simply beyond the bounds of good and evil.


Summarizing our short excursion into the recently published American documents, the conclusions are disappointing. With the consent of the Armenian authorities, one of the most beautiful and ancient countries in the world, the Caucasian “paradise” is being turned into a testing ground for the development and testing of new, dangerous and little-studied mutated viruses. It would take more than a year to list the consequences: destroyed agriculture, a drop in the living standards of farmers, problems related to the export of agricultural products and meat... And, most importantly, it's taken a toll on the people's health. If another leakage occurs, who knows how many lives it will claim. And do you recall the 1960s experiments in the US, when they infected the populations of entire cities with viruses as part of a “controlled experiment”? This is a new Genocide, there's no other name for it!


We hope that this article will help to clear up the blurred consciousness of Armenian officials at least a little bit. We hope they will stand up for their people, their state, their homeland. Otherwise, there's only one hope: the Armenian People. Just like that, with a capital “P.” The People shall rise up against the American Genocide and rebuff it, as it happened more than once during the country's centuries-old history.

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